Subway shooting suspect arrested, charged with ‘terrorist attack’

New York breathes. Just over 24 hours later a shooting that left 23 injured, including 10 shots, in the Brooklyn subway, the suspect was arrested in the early afternoon, the mayor confirmed. ‘We’ve got him, we’ve got him! (“We get it”), Eric Adams said via video link, restricted due to Covid-19.

Investigators have found a 9mm Glock at the scene of the shooting that had been purchased in 2011 by Frank James, a 62-year-old African American. New York. He is accused of having fired 33 shots and must appear in court during the day to be officially charged. According to the public prosecutor, he is being prosecuted for “terrorist attack” and risks a life sentence.

Frank James was known to law enforcement, with 12 arrests in New York and New Jersey, including for “sexual offenses,” “theft,” and “disturbing public order,” but he was never convicted of a felony in upstate New York. .

Threats on YouTube

His motives are unclear at this time. But under the pseudonym prophetoftruth88, Frank James has posted nearly 400 videos to YouTube in recent years, a mixture of personal diatribes and grievances against society and racial inequality. In a clip released on March 1, he lashed out at New York’s new mayor, accusing him of not helping the homeless enough. In a profane diatribe, he mocked the councilor’s fight against the outbreak of violence, assuring that it was easy to carry out an attack on the subway, and that despite the presence of security officers, he could get away with it. come.

After a manhunt lasting more than 24 hours, the suspect was seen in the afternoon at a McDonald’s in the East Village, southeast of Manhattan. A witness notified police, who were able to arrest Frank James two blocks away “without incident,” the NYPD said. A reporter from NY1 News posted a photo of James handcuffed and accompanied by a police officer after his arrest.

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