the leader of the ruling party, Kaczynski, denounces a Russian attack

The ruling party leader’s twin brother was killed in a plane crash. Jaroslaw Kaczynski assured that the evidence “will be presented to the public very soon”.

Polish ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski has accused Russia of being behind the Smolensk air disaster in which his twin brother, President Lech Kaczynski, was killed in 2010, claiming to be presenting “Very fast” prove.

The accident on April 10, 2010, killed 96 people, including President Kaczynski and his wife, as well as several senior Polish officials, who traveled to Russia to pay tribute to the victims of the Katyn massacre, near Smolensk, in 1940.

Russia denies responsibility

The causes of the disaster have been the subject of heated political debate in Poland. The Conservatives accused the Liberal government of the day of negligence in preparing for the visit and of inadequacy in its investigation. Russia has completely blamed Poland for the crash.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski said to several thousand people gathered in front of the presidential palace:have a complete and verified answer from various sources, including abroadabout the causes of the disaster, without however working it out in detail. He assured that these elements “will be presented to the public very soon

However, he acknowledged that it was still necessary to identify,”those who made the decision and those who implemented it, here in Poland, but especially in Russia“. ask “who profits from the crime?he spoke about his brother’s policies against Moscow’s interests, both during the Russian-Georgian conflict and in the strategy of building gas pipelines to avoid Russia.

In the days following the disaster, some members of the ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party accused Vladimir Putin, the then prime minister, of being behind it”scaleReferring to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that “post-communism in Russia is just as criminal as communism

I call on all of Europe for a major mobilization in defense of Ukraine and freedom. This defense also requires a final clarification of this (Smolensk) affair, including personal responsibilities, and bringing all perpetrators to justice.Jaroslaw Kaczynski concluded.

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