the liberated but devastated north of the country; seven humanitarian corridors must be opened

  • In the vicinity of Kiev, which had been evacuated by the Russian army, the macabre discoveries are piling up. According to the Attorney General of Ukraine, the lifeless bodies of 410 civilians were found in these areas. His office also reported Monday night the discovery of the bodies of five men found with their hands tied in the basement of a children’s sanatorium in Butcha† The situation at Borodyanka (60 kilometers west of Kiev) she says would be even worse “in terms of casualties” than that of Boucha In the village motyjyn The bodies of the mayor of the village, her husband, their son and two other men were found on Monday.
  • Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywent to the town of Boutcha on Monday, April 4, where he sued “war crimes” will be “recognized as genocide”† He has to speak today for the… Security Council from ONU.
  • Russia continues to refuse “categorically” all costs. At a press conference at the UN, Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia accused Ukraine of “setting the tone” the bodies of civilians who died in Boutcha, with the latter’s images and videos being described as “gross fakes”however without proving it.
  • The besieged port city Mariupolin the southeast of the country, is destroyed “90%” and “40% of its infrastructure” to be “irreparable”the mayor of the city announced Monday. Ten civilians were killed and at least forty-six others injured in shelling on Mykolaivalso in the south of Ukraine, according to the mayor.
  • The United States, Canada and the European Union, having strongly condemned these abuses, have announced that they want to strengthen sanctions against Russia† The EU is discussing “emergency” new sanctions against Moscow, notably demanded by France and Germany. The United States will attempt to “delay” of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, the US ambassador to the United Nations also announced on Monday. The German state will temporary control of the German subsidiary of the Russian giant Gazpromby his “meaning for offer” in energy from Germany.
  • Lithuania announced the resignation of the Russian ambassador on Monday, following the… “committed atrocities” by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. France and Germany plans the expulsion of dozens of Russian diplomats of their countries.
  • On the ground the situation is: “stretched” in all it part of the Donbass under Ukrainian control, in the eastwhere the authorities “deterioration of the situation”. “The enemy is bombing everywhere”said the governor of the military administration of Donetsk Oblast, urging the civilian population to “leave the premises”. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said this new phase of the Russian military offensive: “may take months or more”
  • More than 4.2 million Ukrainians fled their country since the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Feb. 24, according to figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The UNHCR registered exactly 4,215,047 Ukrainian refugees on Monday. That is 38,646 more than at the previous position on Sunday. Europe has not seen such a flood of refugees since World War II.

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