the Red Cross launches a website to “help as much as possible” Ukrainians arriving in France

The site, entitled “Croix-Rouge bonjour”, exists in French and Ukrainian, to guide refugees through the steps to be taken, an official of the association stated on franceinfo.

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The Red Cross launched a new website on Monday 28 March, “help as much as possible” [réfugiés ukrainiens] who are coming” in France because of the war in Ukraine, explained on franceinfo Florent Vallée, responsible for the operations within the association. Entitled “Hello Red Cross”it is available in French and Ukrainian.

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“It’s so that they can agree on the steps to take, taking care of care, or how to access housing.” The website is accompanied by a telephone number according to the same principle: 0 805 389 789.

franceinfo: What can we find on this website?

Florent Vallee: We find all the necessary information in Ukrainian, but also in English or Russian, to help the people who arrive as much as possible. This is so that they can find out about the steps to take, taking into account which hospital to go to, how to access social security, help or housing… It is also in French because there are French people who spend time with the Ukrainians to help and guide them. This is a first version that was launched very quickly. She will improve over time to locate people, have a map and find the best places where there can be help for everyone.

Is there also a section for traders?

Yes, because they can give food aid to the Ukrainian people. They can give to the nearest local Red Cross unit to enable it to carry out the actions according to the needs. This site is also used to refer good intentions and good ideas to the Red Cross delegation, to cross exactly with the exact needs so as not to end up with a lot of donations and not knowing what to do with them. You have to be able to respond to people’s needs at the “T” moment.

Do you need additional volunteers?

We always need volunteers to carry out all the actions that we have to carry out throughout the year, be it helping the Ukrainians, but also carrying out patrols or setting up rescue equipment. We always need volunteers. Anyone can come. We provide the necessary training that people want to follow in order to grow internally within the Red Cross.