the suspect arrested and placed in police custody is being prosecuted for “terrorist attack”

The person was arrested on Wednesday by the New York Police Department.

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This is the end of more than 24 hours of investigation for New York law enforcement officers. The man suspected of opening fire in the New York City subway on Tuesday morning (mid-afternoon French time) has been arrested and remanded in custody, New York police said at a news conference on Wednesday. . 13th of April. This is the person wanted since the day before, a 62-year-old American.

Authorities also announced that he will be prosecuted for “terrorist attacks and other violence against (…) public transport,” the federal prosecutor’s office announced at a press conference later on Wednesday. Breon Peace† And to add: “He will appear in federal court in Brooklyn and, if convicted, will receive a life sentence.”

The toll from this attack on Brooklyn’s 36th Street station is 23 people injured, including ten from bullets (the other thirteen victims were injured in the stampede that followed). ‘We were really lucky that it wasn’t much more serious’ said the New York police chief

The suspect fired 33 rounds. On site, the researchers found “a 9mm Glock pistol, three ammunition magazines, an axe, deactivated explosives, liquid believed to be gasoline”specifies the New York Times (in English). A car key was also found, enabling investigators to track down a van belonging to the U-Haul rental company, which had recently been rented and abandoned in Brooklyn.

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