The war in Ukraine evokes memories of Boris Cyrulnik

WAR IN UKRANE – The awakening of a trauma, more than 80 years later. This Friday 25 March the writer and doctor Boris Cyrulnik was on the set of “C for you”, on France 5, to evoke Russian invasion of Ukraine and the psychological consequences that such an event may have on those who experience it. An intervention in which the staff invited themselves into the discussion.

Because before it was a brilliant popularizer in the field of: psychologyBoris Cyrulnik has also experienced the horror of the conflict. He was very young at the time of the Second World War, when his parents (Ukrainian father and Polish mother) were killed in the deportation camps. In Bordeaux, where the family lived, escaped this fate himself by being hidden and helped several times.

“Things I thought were forgotten and only buried”

So when he spoke about the trauma that Ukrainian children can endure right now and the ordeal that uprooting can be, he shared what he feels when he sees the images of the exodus that is currently taking place. “I was convinced that I would never see (these kinds of images) again… And I see them again”, he declared very moved. as you can see below

“When I see this, it reminds me of things I thought had been forgotten and were only buried,” he continued, before listing “the bombing, the exile, the death, the roadblocks, the risk of being arrested…” And to add the certainty that some wanted to see him dead.

Still in “C À Vous”, the author explains how Ukrainians have started writing him since the beginning of the conflict, often because they have the same name or know relatives. “It’s interesting to go back to your roots. I didn’t know them until now, and in fact they are there.”

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