The world ‘doesn’t treat crises affecting blacks and whites the same,’ says WHO

The world “does not deal with crises affecting blacks and whites in the same waysaid the WHO director-general on Wednesday, April 13, comparing the focus on Ukraine and that of other countries.

All the attention for Ukraine is of course very important because it has an impact on the whole world, but not even a fraction (of this attention) goes to Tigray (the region of Ethiopia where it comes from and is subject to a devastating blockade. ), in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and all the restTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press conference.

“It’s very hard to accept, but that’s what happens”

I have to be direct and honest, not everyone treats humanity the same way. Some are more equal than others’ the Doctor Tedros launched, paraphrasing the writer George Orwell. †And when I say that, it hurts me (…) It’s very hard to accept, but that’s what happens“he insisted, in the hope that”the world will come to its senses and treat all human life the sameHe digressed at length about the situation in his home region of Tigray, where authorities are in conflict with government forces.

He expressed his concern that the humanitarian ceasefire declared by the government of Addis Ababa on March 24 to allow humanitarian aid access to Tigray has so far been cut off from everything,or a diplomatic maneuver“Where already 2,000 first aid trucks should have arrived in the region”,there were only 20 in total, representing 1% of the needs“, the WHO boss denounced. †In concrete terms, the siege between Ethiopian and Eritrean troops continuesDr Tedros said, warning that without completely free access to aid, hundreds of thousands of people are still at risk of death.

The conflict, which began in November 2020 and spread beyond Tigray for some time, has claimed thousands of lives, left millions of people starving and both sides have been accused of atrocities. †What is happening in Ethiopia is tragic, people are being burned alive because of their ethnicity nothing else, and I’m not sure if it was taken seriously by the medianoted the general manager and added:We need a balance. We must take every life seriously, because every life is precious

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