Vladimir Putin: Parkinson’s disease, thyroid cancer…or a strategic lie? What do we know about his health?

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Hypotheses about Vladimir Putin’s state of health are multiplying. The Kremlin’s head appears to be increasingly marked by stigmata that may indicate Parkinson’s disease.

Vladimir Putin’s health has been debated for several years now. However, from the beginning of the war in Ukraineshow the Kremlin’s head more and more eloquent physical stigmata which may lead him to think he is sick.

But what are these hallway noises based on? Does he really have health problems? Sergei Jirnov, a former senior officer in the KGB espionage service and author of the book “The Scout”, gives his analysis to La Dépêche du Midi.

“Several elements suggest he is ill”

According to Sergei Jirnov, “several elements suggest that Vladimir Putin is ill.” Suspicions from more than three months ago.

“On January 6, Putin celebrated Orthodox Christmas alone in a very small chapel. During the ten-minute broadcast by Russian television, he was moving all the time we saw thathe struggled to keep stillexplains the former cop. This inability to camp his usual stoicity caused a wave of rumours it has continued to grow.

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“For a while, as soon as he sits down on a couch to talk to someone, he moves his feet all the time† The rest of the body remains stable, but this throbbing foot shows he is very nervous inside“Remarks Sergei Jirnov. “Lately, we also noticed that he clings to it every time he sits at a table. During his meeting with the army chief on April 21, his hands were… almost white such an he clung to the table“, he explains.

In a video, the attitude of #Putin in front of his Minister of the Armies, someone would have you believe he has Parkinson’s, his hands clasped around the desk so as not to tremble.

“Good old Bill!” (@BillDaButcha) Apr 22, 2022

Some experts see it as a sign of a onset of Parkinson’s disease† However, another hypothesis evokes the effects of:cancer treatment† Indeed, according to a survey by the independent media tastes, banned in Russia since July 2021, would be Vladimir Putin almost constantly surrounded by doctorsincluding a thyroid oncologist whom he would have consulted thirty-five times in four years.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin, at the height of his 69 years, has “already exceeded” the average age at which Russian men die fixed between 65 and 67 years,” recalls Sergei Jirnov. “Even though he’s at the top of the state, he’s still an older man. On the other hand, if it turns out that he is sick, it all depends on the type of cancer he has, some are cured or accompanied. It’s not because he had a disease that he would die soonexplains the expert.

A strategy to avoid the coup?

“It cannot be ruled out that these rumors of illness are a way for Putin to… manipulate the people around you† Its purpose could be to stopping people in the Kremlin from committing a coup“, warns the ex-cop. An unexpected hypothesis, but far from impossible according to him.

“You wonder how the database showing how much time he spends with his doctors was leaked. This is confidential information…so it’s weird to find them in public places,” the specialist doubts. According to him, Putin would have deliberately leaked this information to make his possible enemies believe that he was dying. twisted and perverted to use that,” he said.

Moreover, British neurologists had concluded as early as 2015, when rumors circulated about Putin’s physical posture that an investigation until “a sniper gang” to explain his jerky movements. A gesture gained during his training at the KGB. For the time being, no statement has been made by the Kremlin about a possible illness of Vladimir Putin.

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