Volodymyr Zelensky visited Boutcha, a town on the outskirts of Kiev where civilians were massacred

Most candidates have spoken.

Asked about the war in Ukraine as president of the republic, not as a candidate, Emmanuel Macron responded to the massacres of civilians in the city of Boutcha† He said to himself “advantageous” that the European Union decide on new sanctions against Russia, with regard to oil and coal. “The scenes are unbearable. We are all very shocked”he declared. “There are very clear indications of war crimes” in the small town of Boutcha, and it is “pretty well established that it is the Russian army” who was there, added Mr Macron at France Inter’s microphone. “International law must be adopted and therefore those who have committed these crimes will have to answer for them”said the president of the republic.

Marine Le PenRN presidential candidate, said on BFM-TV and RMC: “As soon as civilians are slaughtered without defense, it falls under the definition of war crimes. † “This is clearly a war crime” and “There should be an urgent investigation free of charge by the UN and possibly the International Criminal Court” [TPI]† These facts are intolerable, it was a real barbarity and those responsible will of course have to be severely condemned, first morally and diplomatically.added The pen. She had called the day before “that the UN establishes responsibilities”.

In front of Jean-Luc Melenchonthere will be “nor forget nor forgive” for these atrocities. “The crimes of the Russian army against the Ukrainians of Boutcha are pure murderous brutality”in turn estimated the “rebellious” candidate. “Russian officials must answer for it”he tweeted.

On Franceinfo, Eric Zemmour was questioned about the massacres in the Ukrainian city of Butcha. “If you had Vladimir Putin in front of you in the morning, what would you say to him?”he was asked. “I would tell him it is odious, criminal, infamous and it tarnishes the image of his country. It’s a terrible crime. It is an intolerable crime, it is a despicable crime, but besides that it really tarnishes the image of Russia for him. I do not understand “lamented the far-right candidate before insisting: “I have said it from the beginning: the Russians at war are capable of the worst horrors. †

Fabien Roussel pronounced on Twitter: “Faced with the horror and barbarity in Ukraine, these tortures and summary executions, how can you not be shocked? It is crucial that the International Criminal Court can investigate, judge and convict. The facts are extremely serious. †

“These images are unbearable”the Republican candidate responds, Valerie Pecresseabout scenes of massacre near Kievin Ukraine. ‘Russian authorities will have to be held accountable’she said at the RTL microphone. “The priority is the return of peace, but justice will have to be done. †

“We are not powerless in the face of these atrocities, there is only one way to force Vladimir Putin to a ceasefire and the end of these atrocities is to stop importing gas and Russian oil.”responded to France 2, the environmental candidate for the presidential elections, Yannick Jadot“We cannot be outraged and at the same time give $800 million to Putin every day, so we need this embargo”, he stood on it. According to him, Putin is a “war criminal”“it means he and his oligarchy have to answer for their crimes before the International Criminal Court”

“The photos of #ButchaMassacre are untenable. Raw terror and horror. These crimes have been digging a bloody chasm between two brother nations for years. Down with all nationalism, all imperialist wars! In Ukraine, Mali or the Middle East! †tweeted Nathalie Arthaud

Anne Hidalgo also expressed on Twitter: “The unstoppable massacre of civilians in #Boutcha by Putin’s army is a war crime. The action of Europe and France must be strengthened: stop paying for the gas of shame and increase the supply of defense weapons to the Ukrainian people. †