War in Ukraine: “surrender” of soldiers in Mariupol, 1,500 Russian corpses in Dnieper … the point on the 49th day of the offensive

Due to the weather conditions of recent days, the Russian air force was not able to take off as often as the previous days, according to the Ukrainian armed forces. However, more than a month and a half after the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the artillery continues to shell certain cities in particular in the Zaporizhzhya regionin the southeast of the country, where no humanitarian corridor will actually be open this Wednesday.

In Mariupol, the entrenched soldiers reportedly surrendered

As Russian strikes continue on Tuesday, including in the giant steel mill on the eastern edge of the port, the Russian Defense Ministry said that “1,026 Ukrainian soldiers from the 36th Marine Brigade voluntarily laid down their weapons and went” to the area of ​​the “Ilyich”. metallurgical factory” where they had holed up for days and used underground routes to organize their guerrillas. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a report by Russian public television was broadcast on Rossiïa 24 announced this surrender † Footage shows men in camouflage uniforms carrying injured people on stretchers or being interrogated while standing in a basement. According to Moscow, 150 of the soldiers were injured and were treated at Mariupol Hospital.

A few hours later, the Ukrainian president’s adviser, Oleksiy Arestovych, claimed that after a “risky maneuver”, the city’s last defenders had been able to join forces. Units of the 36th Independent Marine Brigade broke through to [rejoindre] the Azov regiment,” he said, without specifying how many men of this brigade could have joined the other Ukrainian armed forces, nor denying the surrender of some. Arestovych claimed that “the defenders of the city, now united, have seriously strengthened their defense zone.”

The shelling continues in Kharkov

The partial blockage and the artillery bombardment around Kharkov continue towards Slobozhansky, according to the Ukrainian General Staff, which accuses the Russian armed forces of wanting to form pro-Russian people’s militias. Seven people were killed in Russian attacks in the Kharkiv region between Tuesday and Wednesday, in which 22 other people were injured, Governor Oleg Synegoubov said on Telegram, adding that a 2-year-old boy injured in a bombing on Monday was hospitalized from his injuries on Tuesday. succumbed. On Monday, 66 strikes were registered, with 17 deaths.

Five hours battle at Polohy

The Ukrainian army has reported heavy fighting in the southeastern Zaporizhzhya region of the country. A five-hour battle unfolded in the Polohy district on Tuesday as Ukrainian troops tried to liberate the area. Polohy is located northeast of the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol.

1500 Russian corpses in Dniepro?

Ukrainian authorities have been trying for weeks to arouse the outrage of Russian mothers who had mobilized during the protracted conflict in Chechnya. A Dnieper municipal official, Mykhailo Lyssenko, said in an interview with Russian-language media Nastoïashchee Vremia that “there are now more than a thousand and a half dead Russian soldiers in the morgue, which no one wants to take. They are in fridges,” he explains. “Whatever happened, it’s someone’s children; we hope their mothers can come and pick up their sons, who they have raised and loved all their lives,” he said.

No humanitarian corridor this Wednesday

The country’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk took stock of the risks: “in the Zaporizhzhya region, the occupiers have blocked evacuation buses and in the Luhansk region they are violating the ceasefire”. According to the minister, the Russian armed forces “not only respect the standards of international humanitarian law, but also cannot properly control their personnel on the ground”, “all this creates such a level of danger on the roads that we are forced to cancel today. of opening the humanitarian corridors,” she said early in the morning.

100 million euros in military equipment delivered by Paris to Kiev

More than 100 million euros worth of military equipment has been delivered to Ukraine by France, Florence Parly, the French armed forces minister, announced on Wednesday after meeting her Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Reznikov. “I have announced to my counterpart that France will provide additional military capabilities, in addition to the EUR 100 million in material donations already made,” the minister said in a tweet.

In a press release from the Ministry of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly specifies that the deliveries concern “protective equipment, optical equipment, armaments and ammunition, weapon systems meeting the needs expressed by Ukraine”. Until now, Paris had not quantified the amount of weapons delivered to Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion in late February.

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