War in Ukraine: Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to Russian troops in Mariupol?



War in Ukraine: Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to Russian troops in Mariupol?

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S. Perez, L. Lacroix, Y. Kadoucho – France 2

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Mariupoltortured city, is become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance. Until the end, the soldiers fight their last battles. In the morning of On Wednesday, April 13, Moscow announced the surrender of a thousand Ukrainian fighters, supporting footage.

On Wednesday, April 13, Russian state television broadcast images showing Ukrainian soldiers surrendering to pro-Russian forces until Mariupol (Ukraine). They move forward with their hands in the air, or supported and carried on a stretcher for the wounded. In recent hours, the Russian army and its separatists have surrounded the last resistant part of the city. “In the area of ​​the metallurgical plant, 1026 Ukrainian soldiers voluntarily laid down their arms after the successful offensive by the Russian armed forces and separatists”said the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Eastern Mariupolabout to fall? The mayor of the city refutes the Russian claims. The battle still rages on. The communication war continues. “The situation remains very tight, but Mariupol is still Ukrainian. Our fighters continue to defend us with incredible courage.”said Vadym boychenkothe mayor of Mariupol Ukrainian authorities estimate that 20,000 to 22,000 civilians have died in the city since the beginning of theoffensive.

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