what to remember from the day of April 11

The end of the resistance in Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine, seemed imminent in the evening of Monday, April 11. Kiev has announced that Ukrainian troops are preparing for the fall of this strategic port. According to authorities, thousands of civilians have been killed since the start of the siege of the city by the Russian army on February 24.

A heavy toll in Mariupol

Ukrainian mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, claimed more than 10,000 civilians were killed since the beginning of the siege of this large city in the southeast of the country by the Russian army. According to him, the toll could even double to more than 20,000 victims. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had previously estimated that “tens of thousands” people were killed in this city of half a million people.

Asked by the US news agency FATHER (in English)The mayor of Mariupol also accused Russian troops of bringing mobile cremation equipment into the city to remove the bodies, and refused to allow aid convoys to cover up the massacre.

Pro-Russian separatists say they are Mariupol. have conquered

Earlier in the day, the leader of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk announced that his troops had completely captured the port area of ​​the city. “He is already under our control”, said Denis Pushilin, quoted by Russian news agencies.

For their part, Ukrainian troops seem to be preparing for the worst“Today will probably be the last battle” in Mariupol “because our ammunition is running out”the 36th Brigade of the National Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wrote on Facebook on Monday. “It will be death for some of us and captivity for others. We don’t know what will happen, but we do ask you to remember (us) with kind words.”added the 36th brigade on the social network.

A major offensive expected in the Donbass

Mariupol is not the only problem area in the country. Donbass, located in eastern Ukraine, is said to be the target of a large-scale offensive, according to Kiev. “According to our information, the enemy is almost finished with its preparations for an attack on the east. The attack will take place very soon.”Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandre Motouzianik warned.

In Washington, a senior Pentagon official confirmed that Russian forces are strengthening around the region, especially near the strategic city of Izium. “We have seen attempts by the Russians to resupply and fortify in the Donbass”the official told AFP, specifically mentioning a column of tanks north of the city.

Societe Generale left Russia

On Monday morning, Société Générale announced “stop operations” in Russia and sells its entire stake in Rosbank, a heavyweight in the Russian banking sector, as well as its insurance subsidiaries in the country. Even if, as indicated by the group in a press release the transaction “intended” remains subject to the approval of the competent regulatory and competition law authorities. According to the group, “The completion of this operation should take place in the coming weeks.”

Until now, the French group had continued its activities in Russia since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. And it weighed 18.6 billion euros in this country, of which 15.4 billion (83%) in subsidiary Rosbank.

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