What We Know About the New York Subway Shooting

Passengers on a subway train were shot at in New York’s Brooklyn neighborhood on Tuesday morning.

A striker attack. A subway station in the Brooklyn borough of New York, United States, turned into chaos on Tuesday morning. Several people were injured after a person shot at a subway train at 36th Street station.

• The passengers of a subway who are the target of shots

“At 8:27 a.m., police received an emergency call from a person who was shot dead on the subway” in Brooklyn, a New York police spokeswoman initially said.

“When the train entered the station, the person put on a gas mask. He then opened a bus that was in his bag and the (subway) car filled with smoke. Then he started shooting,” said the New York Police Commissioner. said Keechant Sewell later.

Amateur photos and videos posted to social media showed blood pools and people lying on the floor of the subway train. Another video shows crowds exiting smoke-filled subways amid screams but no jostling.

At least 16 people were injured, 10 of them in the shooting, according to a latest report from New York authorities. 5 people are seriously injured, but their lives are not in danger.

• Actively Wanted Shooter

Explosives were found at the scene, authorities said. Yav Montano, one of the passengers on the train, went on to say: CNN seeing “a smoke grenade…a bomb, exploded, I’d say two minutes before we got to the station”.

“It looked like it was planned (…) We were stuck in the car (…) there was blood on the floor. There was a lot of blood on the floor,” this man added.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell clarified during the press conference that the suspect is a black man with an imposing build, a green construction jacket and a black hoodie. At the moment he is still untraceable.

NYPD found a van rented by the prime suspect later in the afternoon, reports CNN† Authorities managed to identify the suspect after finding a bank card where the shooting took place, a card that made it possible to rent the van in question. However, the identity of the suspect has not yet been released.

• No terrorist act investigation opened

Keechant Sewell announced that the events that took place on Monday are not being investigated for terrorist acts “at this stage”.

“We can also say that although this was a violent act, we have no one with life-threatening injuries,” the New York police chief said.

The open investigation is jointly led by the NYPD (New York Police) and the FBI. According to our CNN colleagues, a firearm was found in the subway station. President Joe Biden, who had announced new anti-gun measures, has since been briefed on the shooting and the White House has offered assistance to New York authorities, executive spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

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