Alstom: historic contract!


Photo credit © Reuters

( — Alstom has signed a milestone agreement with Swedish railway company SJ to supply 25 high-speed electric trains Zefiro Express, with an option for a further 15 trains. The contract for the first firm order is close to 650 million euros† The new trains will be the fastest in Sweden, with a top speed of 250 km/h. The first train is to be delivered in 2026.

“Alstom is extremely proud to deliver these new high-speed trains to SJ. This is a historic agreement that will revolutionize the way passengers travel across the country. In the face of climate change concerns, the high-speed train is establishing itself as the main alternative solution for air transport. It is at the same time comfortable, practical and now extremely fast. This is a worldwide trend and Alstom is the leader in this field thanks to its know-how in the development of many high-speed train projects around the world. We thank operator SJ for the renewed confidence in us,” said Rob Whyte, Alstom’s Managing Director in Scandinavia.

Zefiro Express trains are designed to operate in extreme weather conditions, even -40 degrees C, and their state-of-the-art technology will ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers. The floor of the wagons is flat and without ramps, which makes it easier to get in, out and move around in the train. The state-of-the-art Zefiro Express trains each have a total capacity of 363 seats, offering passengers “an exceptional onboard experience”. The width of the cars, the electrical systems and the signaling systems have been designed in view of the fact that the trains will run in Sweden and Denmark, but will also be allowed to run in Norway. The Zefiro Express is part of Alstom’s Avelia high-speed and very high-speed train platform, the largest offering on the market, with maximum operating speeds between 200 km/h and 350 km/h. Various configurations and architectures are available to best meet customer needs.

Alstom is the largest supplier to the Swedish rail market, where it has supplied more than 1,000 trains. Alstom also currently manages several major maintenance contracts and provides this type of service in 19 local depots. The company also manages the implementation of the ERTMS system in Sweden, both on board and on the ground, and provides the standard national traffic system to the Swedish Transport Administration.


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