At Amazon France, “surprise strike” and strikes to denounce “ridiculous” pay increases

In an Amazon warehouse in Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne), December 14, 2021.

“It is a claim of purchasing power. † Four days before the presidential elections in which this theme takes center stage at the end of the campaign, Alain Jeault of the CGT summarizes the ongoing mobilization at Amazon. From Sunday, April 3 to Tuesday, April 5, striking employees laid down work at the e-commerce leader’s eight major French warehouses. effort? Amazon’s proposed and assessed 3% salary increase “ridiculous” by the united front of the trade unions. Due to rising prices, CGT, SUD, CFDT, CAT and CFE-CGC (managers) are asking for a 5% increase. And promised other strikes on Wednesday for the next few days “surprise”to maintain the pressure until April 14, the date of the next meeting devoted to the mandatory annual negotiations.

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Management tried to put it in perspective: the movement hadn’t “impact on the daily activity of the sites”noted the company, pointing out that: “the vast majority” of the 12,400 employees in its logistics warehouses continue to work. The unions numbered 1,200 to 1,500 strikers.

Apart from the numbers, the employee representatives say they have been themselves ” surprised ” the spontaneity and dynamism of the mobilization. Party Sunday afternoon from the warehouse of Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire), the strike hit all distribution centers on Monday morning, following the call of the inter-union. Until the last gigantic warehouse in Metz opened in August 2021: in this location with a high turnover of staff, the strikers could not organize a picket outside the building, as in the other warehouses, but Sandra Holota, from the CGT, was delighted to see two young people aged 20 and 22 mobilize on the night shift. “It’s their first job. But they don’t understand why they have to live worse this year than last year, says this old woman from the Boves site, near Amiens. It has always been difficult to strike there. But this time people call us saying they want to stop working. †

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“It’s getting hot at Amazon,” headlined Tuesday in “one” The Picardy Courier. “Employees say they are on strike for the first time”, also says Morgane Boulard, of the CFDT Amazon. Alain Jeault talks about the deployment of “youth”sometimes “young parents”between the “picking” and “packing” teams responsible for filling or packaging the online sales giant’s packages. “We often hear that young people do not mobilize, but in recent days some have told us that they are no longer financially able to do so”says the chosen one.

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