Bitcoin in your account? A major French bank offers BTC. at

This is a great first in France. After the crypto exchanges, it is the turn of a bank to obtain the PSAN (Provider of Services on Digital Assets) registration with the Autorité de Marché Financiers (AMF). Very hard to win, the precious sesame opens the way to cryptos for its lucky holder.

A bank is finally going to offer crypto services in France

France now has a new actor registered as PSAN, bringing his total to thirty-one. But the last winner at the table of service providers is different from the previous one. Indeed, this time it is a bank doing the rounds and not a company specialized in cryptos, immediately tailor-made for this type of service.

And nuance is important. In addition to being an independent financial institution, Delubac & Cie is a PSAN different from previous 30† Founded in 1924, the bank offers a wide range of services for: businessesby individuals or even administrators

This institution, almost a century old, is (a priori) not specialized at all in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, which in theory could pose an additional obstacle (add to the ambient restraint in France) to provide such services. So this shows a real desire to embrace modernity and even more: the future! Because, as you probably know when you read these lines, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay

A Bitcoin token for the French flag, Delubac and Cie certified PSAN is getting closer to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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Courtesy of PSAN: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos on the menu

on his blogthe couch Delubac & Cie even specifies the scope of services it will initially offer.

Initially, the first three digital assets on offer will be Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos. This offering allows to invest in digitized or tokenized real assets as well as NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) and to access staking.

So it will be possible to buy BTCof the’ETH and XTZ and entrust them to the institution that holds them on behalf of its clients. If the presence of the two largest cryptos in the industry doesn’t surprise anyone, the availability of Tezos (XTZ) can be challenging at first glance. The protocol only points to the 48th place of the largest capitalization. However, this protocol has a preferred place in France, especially among institutions and the banking sector.

For several years now, the Societe Generale is very interested in Tezos and its solutions, in particular to issue “tokenized” securities. The registration as PSAN of a French bank is therefore an interesting step forward for the tricolor crypto landscape

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