Canyon Pathlite: On 7 and 8 SUV: More Adventure and Open Electric Bikes


With its Pathlite: On range, Canyon has so far offered electric bikes suitable for hiking. The Pathlite: On 7 SUVs and 8 SUVs, you complete this family with more open frames and larger batteries for more versatility.

Canyon’s Pathlite: Our e-bike family knows how to be at home in the city, but begs for trail riding. The German manufacturer offers its series in SUV versions with Pathlite:On 7 and 8 with more accessible frames and higher performance. The Pathlite:On still retain their very distinct hiking spirit.

© Canyon

The Pathlite:On 7 SUV comes in two versions. The first benefits from a closed aluminum frame similar to that of the existing models in the range. The second chooses an open frame (move on) more easily accessible and likely to appeal to cyclists riding with a child in the back seat. One of the most noticeable changes compared to the brand’s other models is this down tube that falls lower in front of the motor and accommodates Bosch’s latest PowerTube 750 Wh battery. Everything is associated with a Performance Line CX engine of the 5th generation. Located in the crankset, this central motor can develop up to 85 Nm to make it easier to cross hills in particular. The 7 SUV has a Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain.

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Such equipment was clearly not chosen by Canyon to traverse the bike paths of cities. The Pathlite:On 7 SUV looks at the trails, even a little rough. These ambitions are supported by the choice of a Suntour AION35 Evo suspension fork with 100 mm of travel. For the tires, Canyon shoes are Pathlite: On 7 SUV in Maxxis Crossmark II of 29 inches and equipped with a 57 mm wide section for good grip on the difficult trails. Canyon announces a range of 125 km, which will of course depend on several parameters, such as the support mode chosen, the weight of the cyclist and his equipment or the nature of the terrain.

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The Pathlite:On 7 SUV also opts for Magura hydraulic disc brakes and 180mm diameter discs. Up front, the MT30 caliper contains four pistons for a precise and powerful bite. Canyon’s new machines are equipped with fenders that drop very low and have flaps at their ends for the front. Ideal for not getting out of a ride with muddy feet. At the rear, a luggage rack is offered that can carry 25 kg.

The Pathlite:On 8 SUV uses a base similar to the 7 SUV and also offers two different frames. If he also opts for the Bosch Performance Line CX motor and the 750 Wh battery, he stands out with an Enviolo Heavy Duty 380% transmission. The latter simplifies shifting because the gear ratio can be adjusted very easily and more transparently than with a conventional derailleur. The drive here is provided by a belt and not a chain for maintenance, which is also simplified.

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The Pathlite:On 8 SUV relies on the same combination of 29-inch tires and Magura brakes as its smaller sibling. On the other hand, it is distinguished by the choice of more efficient lighting, as it is a Supernova M99 Mini PRO lamp that displays up to 1200 lumens against 550 lumens for the Supernova Mini 2 PRO of the Pathlite: On 7 SUV.

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Well equipped, these two Canyon electric bikes have a certain weight. Count 28 kg for the Pathlite:On 7 SUV and another 1 kg for the 8 SUV. The closed frame versions come in sizes M, L and XL, while the open frames are aimed at a smaller audience and come in S, M and L.

For the Pathlite:On 7 SUV and 7 SUV ST you pay €4199. The price rises to €4699 for the Pathlite 8 SUV version, as does the open frame version. It is possible to treat yourself to one of these wonderful toys today (Tuesday, April 12, 2022) on the Canyon website.

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