Henry delighted with this return!

On Sunday evening, Steve Mandanda was another starter in the Marseille goals against Montpellier. A choice appreciated by Prime Video consultant Thierry Henry.

Nobody really expected it. While he usually only plays Europa League Conference matches, Steve Mandanda was re-established in the Marseille goals by Jorge Sampaoli to take on Montpellier. After the match against PAOK, the Marseille goalkeeper had a second term in office in a row. Which hadn’t happened to him since the start of the season.

As icing on the cake, Steve Mandanda even managed to keep a clean sheet (2-0) at the end of the meeting. The first Olympic zero in the 9-game competition. An achievement that will always leave him worried about this end of the season.

It is always better to see and play Mandanda in his garden – Thierry Henry

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Steve Mandanda’s presence at the Marseille goals has made many people happy. Among them the Prime Video advisor, Thierry Henry. He was delighted to see him in the Olympic cages for the second consecutive time.

Glad to see him again, I rubbed with Steve too. It is always better to see and play with him in his yard. In his last game he had not scored a goal against Metz. Again no goal against Montpellier. It’s been nine games since Marseille have conceded goals, so is it a coincidence? We can talk about Savanier’s strike coming by, it could have been at the bottom but it didn’t return. What does Sampaoli want to do next? We do not know. He often surprises everyone. † Thierry Henry – Source: Prime Video (10/04/2022)

Give Mandanda playing time especially for Thursday’s game — Jorge Sampaoli

For several weeks, the goalkeeper position rotation seemed clear: Pau López plays Ligue 1 matches and Steve Mandanda plays Europa League Conference matches.

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In a press conference, Jorge Sampaoli wanted to justify his choice. The Argentine boss explained that he wants to put him in the best conditions for Thursday’s game in Greece.

“The decision to appoint Steve has been made on my responsibility to give him playing time in view of Thursday’s game in particular. Pau Lopez is not injured” Jorge Sampaoli – Source: press conference (10/04/22)

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