Company | The question: why are we announcing a major rush of engineering control?

Which map are you planning to play? That of patience or anticipation? Indeed, it is the time to choose if you are one of the car owners who must pass the technical check. The mistake – and yes, another one, at the Covid! – The detention in the spring of 2020 and the impossibility of going to a specialized center to subject your vehicle to the mandatory two-year exam. The government then issued an order allowing a three-month tolerance. Also, anyone who had a “deadline” in March or April had until June to meet it. Not without creating somewhere else “than a certain traffic jamrecalls Bruno Porlevet, who runs Verif’Autos Maubec.

It’s the same “tsunami” that professionals in the sector fear between May and July, suddenly inviting motorists to bring their meeting up a few weeks. †Our role as market leadergives in particular to Laurent Palmier, CEO of Securitest is to warn motorists. To avoid unpleasant surprises, they must anticipate. Usually about 20% of vehicles require a return visit… By doing this at the last minute, the technical control centers and car garages – for the necessary repairs – run a high risk of becoming saturated”† As a direct consequence: either become an outlaw and expose yourself to a fine of €135, or experience a few stress attacks to be able to afford a peaceful holiday.

covid effect

The call is all the more sensible as the centers are currently inactive. †We check an average of 8 cars a day against about twenty during the so-called normal period.“, confirms Bachir Laribi, of Auto Bilan du Rouet in Marseille “who suddenly considers”either to hire a CDD for the future crowds, or to stay open 6 days and 7 days with crazy hours” he specifies, citing the difficulty of convincing customers to anticipate in a month or two.”It’s a matter of budget. If you know that a check is around 80 . costs and that it is necessary to go to the fund every two years, but few agree to lose two months.“What’s more in this period where purchasing power is damned heavily abused and instead invites you to defer non-essential expenses to T.

The feeling is no different with Bruno Porlevet, whose agenda is far from full. De Vauclusiven also took the opportunity to pay off the holidays, so that “everyone is on deck if necessary“with perspective”to increase the daily working time, as was the case two years ago.

Avoid the bottleneck

And to explain:The verification time of all checkpoints is incompressible. It is on average between 40 and 45 minutes. Do the math if you only work 8 hours… And with these checks you have to add the return visit for 20% to 25% of the vehicles“, continues the director of Vérif’Autos Maubec, who nevertheless wants to reassure: “Two years ago we answered present, there is no reason to do it differently this time.

Will his colleagues also be able to meet this challenge of 1.5 million additional vehicles? Meanwhile, major retailers are currently sending thousands of text messages to their customers to avoid this dreaded bottleneck.

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