Dacia ready to shake up the compact market

Since a few weeks we have found at dealers dacia the jogger, a new proposal aimed at families. This model, with the appearance of a great adventurer break, takes over from the Lodgy and Dokker. Although closely derived from the latest Sandero, the Jogger has a length of 4.55 meters, which is a compact vehicle size.

This is the first element of an offensive by the Romanian manufacturer in the C-segment, the heart of the European market. For Dacia, which is very successful in the B-segment with the Sandero (the best-selling private car in Europe), the C-segment is therefore the next growth engine. If we reason by size, the Romanian is of course already there with the Duster. The third generation will be launched at the end of 2023.

ByAutomotive News, Denis Le Vot, boss of the brand, indicates that the size will not change with approximately 4.35 meters in length. But it promises a much improved Duster, thanks to the adoption of the CMF-B base. It thus refers to the progress made by the latest Sandero with this more modern technical base. The Duster will therefore be more comfortable, with less noise and vibrations on board.

If the Duster doesn’t grow, it’s because it will be joined by a second, more imposing SUV, the Bigster. This model will measure approximately 4.60 meters and can carry 7 people. And it is with him that the manufacturer wants to win additional customers.

Denis Le Vot recalls that the average sales price in the C-segment is €33,000, an amount that will increase further with the new pollution standards. The Bigster should start under $20,000. Dacia will therefore not lose sight of its philosophy: this model offers the essentials at a competitive price. It is no longer a matter of low cost, but neither is it a matter of unreasonably going into the more expensive market.

The Bigster was announced by a concept car, which was exhibited at the Salon de Lyon a few days ago. And on the spot we saw very positive reactions to the design. The Bigster and the Duster will thus take care of their appearance to attract Dacia fans and those looking for the lowest price. Denis Le Vot notes that the Duster will play a more adventurous map, keeping a 4×4 version, and more utilitarian for those who like its functional side.

The brand will bring the point home by offering hybrid versions of these models, which will thus be the cheapest hybrids in their respective categories.

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