Presidential: Marine Le Pen ready to sink France’s foreign alliances

Posted at April 12, 2022, 11:29 AMUpdated on April 12, 2022 at 5:43 PM

It is perhaps in terms of international relations that Marine Le Pen will be most eager to topple the table when she reaches the Elysée on April 24. With one goal: to reclaim the former greatness of France that she believes allowed previous governments to crumble, and to rebuild her independence. At first sight, it gives the impression of rejoining the Gaullist tradition.

Marine Le Pen thus plans to withdraw France from NATO’s integrated command, as General De Gaulle did in 1966, is it specified in the program?

An overview of the relationship with America

in the facts , the candidate methodically unravels what previous presidents have built up. She believes that with the United States “the fundamental relationship does not work in the interest of France”. For her, “the United States does not always behave as an ally of France”. It is therefore necessary to “review” cooperation with Uncle Sam, especially in the field of intelligence.

It also challenges the interests of the Franco-German couple and wishes “to put an end to industrial cooperation with Germany in the field of armaments, which is at the expense of our technological sovereignty and our industrial interests, as we diverge on the doctrinal level and operational”.

In a Tribune Published last year in the daily newspaper “L’Opinion”, the candidate had said all the bad things she thought about our neighbor, who in matters of military and industrial cooperation was accused of “playing his part in a brutal way” by “first want to join”, then force yourself, finally lead”. When Marine Le Pen affirms that France is “the diplomatic, operational, industrial, technological, […] and budgetary” of its choices, the question of resources is quickly avoided.

Towards an alliance with Russia

It is towards the United Kingdom, outside the European Union, that Marine Le Pen wants to turn. “Wanting to get close to the country closest to the United States and most attached to NATO is incoherent at best,” said Nicolas Tenzer, president of the Center for Study and Reflection for Political Action (CERAP).

The ex-patron of the far-right movement will also strive for “an alliance with Russia” on certain topics such as “European security” and “the fight against terrorism that it has ensured with more consistency than any other power”, specifies his program , written before Vladimir Putin’s outbreak of the war in Ukraine, who has had it ever since convicted

Relations between the RN and the Kremlin autocrat have always been good. Meet Marine Le Pen the Russian president in 2017 , three years after the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of hostilities in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, and his campaign was financed by a Russian bank. There is some contradiction in seeing Vladimir Putin persist in denazifying Ukraine while funding far-right movements in Europe.

Europe of nations

Marine Le Pen’s idea of ​​”a European Alliance of Nations which is intended to gradually replace the European Union”, should not displease the new Tsar either. Not to mention that the RN hears it return to the free movement of goods by advocating “national border control” of goods to prevent fraud, and “reviewing free trade agreements that do not respect France’s interests”.

For Nicolas Tenzer, if Marine Le Pen were to win the election, “France would become a pariah on the international stage. It would be isolated from its European allies and its word would be discredited.” Donald Trump’s arrival in power in 2016 may not have completely destabilized the United States. But “the US Constitution provides for real checks and balances, while in France the checks and balances are much weaker,” the political scientist is concerned.

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