First image of the future large SUV Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo plans to expand its SUV range from the top with a model that would supersede the Stelvio first pictured today.

Last month, the boss of the Alfa Romeo brand, Jean Philippe Imparato, gave an interview to our Dutch colleagues fromAutoWeek to call first and foremost the release of the brand new Tonale. But the conversation would quickly turn to the brand’s future projects and he is said to have said in particular: “I have never told anyone, but since I want to be the global premium brand of Stellantis and because everyone knows our brand, I want to launch a premium SUV“. A brand new model that would complete the range of the Italian manufacturer from above and of which we already offer you a first illustration.

An E-segment SUV to compete with the BMW X5 or Mercedes GLE for 2027

This model, which could take the name Castello from the name of an SUV project in the E-segment – the project that the BMW X5 or the Mercedes GLE sails in – which was driven after the release of the Stelvio but was completed in 2019. abandoned, would be planned for 2027. very recently in the Stellantis galaxy now makes it possible to see things on a large scale. It would be the 4th SUV of the transalpine manufacturer, after the small model that will be placed in the B-segment and that will be called Brennero. Rumors suggest the possibility of offering this model with thermal engines, which seems highly unlikely as the brand has set itself the target of selling only zero-emission vehicles from 2027. On the other hand, we can see this SUV resting on the new platform dedicated to the 100% electric models of the Stellantis group. In this case, the STLA Large, which allows certain models that use it to travel the equivalent of 800 km on a single charge.

A tonal about steroids

Question look, this “Castello” should be very classic but should not, brand mandatory, lack character. To the famous “V” grille typical of Alfa Romeo, it should add the thin and tapered headlights of the Tonale. We were able to find the light signature that he released, which will soon be found on the Stelvio that will be getting a facelift. Otherwise, imagine a Stelvio with an extended wheelbase and a less compact profile.† We should find a side glazing with a similar shape. And of course the “telephone” rims must be included. For the rest, it will take some time to know more about it.

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published on 04/12/2022 Updated 04/12/2022

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