Elden Ring: World Champion, he decides to crush the game with his bum

Game News Elden Ring: World Champion, he decides to crush the game with his bum

Life may seem boring once you become world champion. This is not the case with Distortion2 which finds several professions. In addition to breaking his own records, he tried to finish the match… with his ass.


  • It’s up to the player to choose his game
  • World Champion and Fesser of the Underworld

It’s up to the player to choose his game

This is one of the strengths of From Software games and it is no exception with Elden Ring : The latest from producer Hidetaka Miyazaki gives players unprecedented freedom in both exploration and gameplay. Melee attacks with light or heavy weapons, favoring poison or just focusing on magic or bows… There are many possibilities and players push the boundaries of fiction with buildsset of equipment and its capabilitiesto enjoy the game.

For example, in March we talked about a build sonic : axis of war, name given to skills related to weapons, which grant the power lightning bolt† Players equipped with this ability can then roll over their opponents, which causes electrical damage and destabilizes it. A to build particularly effective in Player vs Player at once, as evidenced by the video below:

World Champion and Fesser of the Underworld

But the players’ creativity doesn’t stop there. This weekend Youtuber Distortion2 had fun with a brand new build. A nickname that will appeal to those who hear the news of the . follow speed running on Elden Ring, a discipline that consists of completing the game as quickly as possible. Distortion2 recently distinguished itself in this category with several records to its name: yesterday morning it finished the game in less than 9 minutes† Record that he broke yesterday with a time of 6 minutes 59 seconds. Yet, between his plates, Distortions 2 is having fun trying to beat the game with gear that literally crushes opponents with your ass† A power bestowed by the ashes of wars Crushing jump, located in the eastern Necrolimbo. It is a teardrop beetle west of the Minor World Tree that loses power when it dies.

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