Salmonellosis in Kinder chocolates: why did Ferrero wait 12 days to recall its contaminated batches?

According to the NGO Foodwatch, the Ferrero group had been warned on March 23 about a possible link between its chocolates and salmonella contamination.

Has Ferrero Taken Too Long To Recall Its Chocolates? On April 5, the company launched a massive recall from parties Children’s chocolate made in Belgium, because of a possible link with cases of salmonella. According to information from the NGO Foodwtach confirmed by the Parisian, the British authorities had already warned about cases of salmonella on March 23 after Ferrero. Is twelve days before the announcement the withdrawal of Kinder chocolate shops in France.

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The group even acknowledged in a press release that it had already identified the bacterium at its facility in Arlon in Belgium… December 15, 2021† The question now is why it took Ferrero so long to recall its products. And why did he not communicate earlier about the detection of the bacterium in his Belgian factory?

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“Internal shortcomings” recognized

Contacted by our colleagues from parisian, Ferrero explains that the rules in force in Belgium are different than in France. “Our factory is located in Belgium and unlike France there is no no legal reporting obligationjustifies the group before claiming to have blocked potentially contaminated products and increased controls.

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Regarding the warning launched by the British authorities on March 23, Ferrero’s French subsidiary assures that “they don’t have the answer to this question”. The brand has recognized “internal errors” and the Arlon factory was closed. “As Easter approached, Ferrero tried to keep his Kinders on the shelves despite the warning. If they had responded sooner, contamination would have been avoided complained Camille Dorioz, campaign manager at Foodwatch.

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