“I have a grudge”, the bitterness of Matthieu Jalibert

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Matthieu Jalibert waits! It has been since mid-January that the opening half has not been played for Union Bordeaux-Bègles. Today the UBB star has the green light to return to the field. But this return will not take place until the weekend of April 24, which means that Matthieu Jalibert will not participate in the return match of the round of 16 against Stade Rochelais.

His injury also robbed Jalibert of another important encounter: the 6 Nations tournament, this great experience for the Blues, who made the Grand Slam. Being deprived of these emotions was very frustrating for the opener:

“I trusted the club doctor. Despite some embarrassment, we followed a protocol that was actually not the right one. In the end I fell back on very innocent things every time, like the warm-up last time. I was frustrated, sad too. When you’re injured you ask yourself a lot of questions you are a bit lonely not to mention the many matches I missed with my club and the team de France It is very annoying (…) I have six had recurrences! Four on the left femur and two on the right femur. You wonder (…) The doctor has failed in his task. I have a grudge. He recognized, he apologized, but the damage is done I missed big deadlines, it’s very complicated to live, to accept.”

More than frustration you could almost feel anger in the words of the first half, who also experienced this heartache of relapse when the staff recalled him and counted on him. A hard blow that required distance:

“The hardest part was my setback in the warm-up against Pau in early March when the Blues staff told me that if I played again they would take me before the end of the adventure against Wales and England. dent in my morale That’s why I went to Guadeloupe for a few days to work with a physiotherapist and above all to get away from it all Christophe (Urios) understood well I was very pissed I had had enough… to be polite. I had to escape, clear my head. I took a step back, I cut.”

Today this dark period seems to be behind Matthieu Jalibert. With regard to France’s XV, which is not his priority today, he knows that Romain Ntamack has settled on 10, and it couldn’t be more logical. The French group Matthieu Jalibert wants to find him, but everything in due time:

“Today I do not see myself with the French team. First of all I want to go back to 100%. To be good in my body, to orientate me, to find my level. But let’s be clear: my frustration n was not linked to the French team, but to my relapses. No one is irreplaceable. I’m part of the group and when I perform again, I’ll be back. It’s part of the game. There are injuries, guys settle in , it’s up to me to come back. I want to find the Blues again.”

to summarize

After several months of not playing and having to deal with his injury and all his relapses, Matthieu Jalibert can finally return to the field. The opening half confided in this period of absence as a result of which he missed important appointments.

Helen Brouwer

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