Taxes: the income tax return is open, here are the dates and news for 2022

TAXES – Top start for French households. The declaration campaign 2022 for theincome tax starts online this Thursday 7 April and ends between 24 May and 8 June, depending on where you live.

To do this, just log in to and identify yourself. You have until midnight on 19 May for paper declarations.

The deadlines for online declarations determined according to your department:

  • May 24, 2022 : divisions numbered 1 to 19 and non-residents;

  • May 31, 2022: departments no. 20 to 54;

  • June 8, 2022: departments n° 55 to 976.

Like every year, this is the declaration of your income for the last year, earned in 2021. Since introduction of withholding tax this declaration will be facilitated in January 2019 (often already filled in) and even automatically for more than 11 million French people† It adapts to the evolution of your income thanks to the feedback from your company when you are employed. So you usually only need to date and validate your declaration.

However, the tax authorities recommend that you check these amounts to know your tax rate (44% of households pay this tax) or if necessary reclaim it if an error (or oversight) has occurred. completed declaration.

Use the annual statement on your pay slip (the one for the month of December 2021 on the line “net tax income to be declared”), on your pension statement or on a specific document made available by the benefit recipients. Also, if you’re concerned, check to see if your tax credits or credits, or even your tax deductions, have been deducted, especially the latest state increases that The HuffPost explains below.

The odometer revalued for 2.5 of taxed households

One of the most important novelties is the odometer, which tax-paying households can use to deduct part of their fuel costs as professional expenses. For the rising petrol and diesel pricesthe cabinet has decided to increase this scale by 10%.

This measure should affect 4.3 million households that declare their actual costs, 2.5 million of which are taxed. According to Bercy, the latter can expect an average profit of 150 euros on their income tax. This depends on their kilometers traveled but also on the class of their vehicle.

There are three separate mileage scales: one for cars, a second for motorcycles and the last for mopeds under 50cc. If you’re concerned, go to boxes 1AK and follow or read this first simulator made available by the tax authorities

Bercy gave the magazine Capital, the example of Jean-Marc driving a 2012 Clio diesel, consuming 105 hp and 4.2 liters per 100. He claims 17,200 kilometers per year for his business trips and 80 kilometers on average 5 times a week between home and work. According to Bercy, his income tax will be reduced by 195 euros.

The Macron Bonus and Help for the Most Deprived

In addition, the tax-free purchasing power premium, known as “Macron premium”, has been extended in 2021. It is exempt from tax within the limit of 1000 euros for every employee who earns less than three times the Smic (gross) and up to 2000 euros for companies with less than 50 employees who have entered into a profit-sharing agreement or promotion of so-called “second-line” professions (ie professionals, excluding caregivers, who continued to work on site during childbirth).

The government has also extended the increase to 75% of the amount of the donation, of the tax reduction granted for a donation to an association that helps the most deprived. This increase also applies to donations to religious associations.

The teleworking package renewed for 2021

As in 2020, telecommuting was also widely practiced in 2021 in an effort to contain the Covid-19 epidemic. A situation that entails costs for employees and leads to a renewal of the exemption from teleworking costs and allowances paid by the employer.

Among the deductible expenses and identified directly and pre-populated by your employer (up to a limit of 2.5 euros per day, 55 euros per month and 580 euros per year) include the following costs:

  • communication costs (subscription, subscription to an internet offer, etc.);

  • consumables and printing (costs for ink cartridges, reams of paper);

  • costs associated with the use of private spaces (costs of electricity, water, heating, home insurance, diagnosis of electrical conformity, etc.);

  • travel costs between home and work place, with justification of the need to travel between home and work place;

  • costs for mobile telephony (subscription, communication and purchase costs for mobile telephony);

  • purchase of furniture and computer equipment for the needs of the professional activity.

If you do not opt ​​for deduction of actual costs, you will benefit from a flat-rate deduction of 10%, automatically calculated on the amounts you declare in salaries and wages. Employees will be able to verify this when declaring their income in 2021, by checking the pre-filled amounts against their pay slips (or the annual tax certificate from their employer).

Tax discount for charging stations

You can enjoy a tax credit of 75% of the cost amount if you have had a charging station installed. electric vehicle in your main or second residence. However, this tax credit is limited to 300 euros per charging system.

To take advantage of this, go to boxes 7ZQ and following of the return. The work must be performed by the company supplying the equipment (or by its subcontractor).

You must submit a copy of the invoice which must contain the following information:

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