eFootball 2022: A new version 1.0 to save the successor to PES?

Game News eFootball 2022: A new version 1.0 to save the successor to PES?

After a chaotic launch of its expected version 0.9 last September, eFootball 2022 has postponed its version 1.0 with much more extensive content. A choice that follows the immense discontent of fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer saga whose title should take the torch. It finally arrives on April 14, and we were able to test the gameplay of the football simulation in preview. Focus on what was presented.

Have we been betrayed? Already present in London in September 2021 to play eFootball 2022Like many, we were seduced by the free-to-play gameplay ready by Konami. to be released our preview here, though content was set to arrive later in the year. Unfortunately, the release of the successor to Pro Evolution Soccer had the effect of a cold shower : the expected version ended up being full of bugs of all kinds, the gameplay was not smooth for unpleasant gaming sensations, the visuals very limited for a title that ended up being completely different from what was announced on the form. After a patch released on November 5 to fix some issues, version 1.0, scheduled for next week, promises to be the real and final catch-up for eFootball.

The Great Mea Culpa

Sample conditions

We were invited to experience eFootball 2022 version 1.0 near Konami’s London buildings. After a very short presentation of the new features of the version and some upcoming content elements, we were able to try out the gameplay through friendly matches against the AI ​​or the journalists present for more than 4 hours. The 9 teams available were those currently in version 0.9. We were unable to access the “Dream Team” mode which is explained below.

eFootball 2022: A new version 1.0 to save the successor to PES?

When we couldn’t ask the UK team at Konami about the content, but only about the gameplay, the game’s lead producer, Seitaro Kimura, recorded a video message for us straight from Japan: Apologies to players, journalists and influencers who are fans of the game for a rushed release of version 0.9 with the promise to have listened to criticism. In response, version 1.0 is closer to the version that was tested by the press in London in September and was never actually released after that.

As for new orders, leave the R1 square to feint, return of the classic square-cross much more intuitive. Pressing a second player is now possible with the pressure of R1 in defense, and passing or powershots with effect (stunning passes / kicks in English) are now usable in this version. Finally, the visual indicators (cursors) are less parasitic than before.

When the lawn is greener

eFootball 2022: A new version 1.0 to save the successor to PES?

If most of the major bugs were already fixed through the patch, the fluidity, game speed and slowness for this new version have been reviewed, all the better! A competition is much more fun and exciting than before, without sacrificing construction placed attacks or transition play. Collisions, while still to perfect, are less embarrassing when using the left trigger (press intensely) and players are more reactive after contact. Whether it’s the AI ​​or a human, we especially regret the depth management when we are on the defensive, as some air or ground passages behind defenders prove deadly and difficult to recover, even in a fairly low block. Ditto for the feints that can put a player on the ground, even if you expected it to. On the other hand, after a few games, a player can be thrown with the ball at full speed if we properly anticipate its placement, even by the slowest defenders, a good point for the balance of matches.

eFootball 2022: A new version 1.0 to save the successor to PES?

Graphically, eFootball wasn’t outrageous before, but the rendering is a bit closer to what was done on the latest Pro Evolution Soccer with version 1.0. The details of the faces are finer, even if the‘we will still have reservations about too limited facial expressions’† The show immersion of the licensed stadium teams is very good, with movies this time smoother (they didn’t exceed 30 FPS on the 0.9) and blown up by theadded player presentation in the comp (photo on the right). A minus on this point, even though the game is free to play: the spectators copied and pasted again ad infinitum in the stands

Below are comparative screenshots of the title at version 0.9 on the left and version 1.0 on the right:

Goodbye Creative League, hello Dream Team

eFootball 2022: A new version 1.0 to save the successor to PES?

In terms of content, the information is rather sparse. We have received confirmation that the mode Creative League changed name: Dream Team† The principle is the same and similar to FIFA’s FUT mode, a card game that represents players to build your dream team. There will be different types of cards on the menu (legendary, hot players etc), with contracts for the players until the year we can progress. The Tour event pits the player’s Dream Team against the AI, while the eFootball League will add a player division system to this mode. For the rest, we have had no more information about the release of the mobile version, the return of the Master League or the Cross platform.

Even if we are necessarily wary of the failed launch of eFootball 2022, the presentation of the new version 1.0 was reassuring in terms of gameplay. Using the same engine (Unreal Engine 4), Konami has narrowed the gap and will no doubt make the title more fluid, visually appealing and playful next week. To see now the content that will be available to make the current pill much less bland.

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