The largest parking lot for electric cars in France now operational in Paris

Under the church of La Madeleine, in the 8th arrondissement, the car park offers 505 electric charging points since the beginning of April.

The largest parking garage for electric cars in France is now operational in the heart of Paris, where the installation of above-ground and underground charging points is accelerating, four years after the Autolib’ service outage. Under the church of La Madeleine (VIIIe arrondissement), the car park managed by Saemes, a company controlled by the City of Paris, offers since the beginning of April 505 electric charging stations, compatible with all cars, and 30 stations for two-wheelers.

With a power of 7 to 22 kilowatts (kW), the terminals can recharge the batteries in 5-6 hours. More than 350 terminals are planned for the spring at another car park in the district, and 240 are already available at Porte d’Auteuil. Saemes, the second parking manager in the capital, wants to equip half of its park with electric charging stations.

TotalEnergies, together with telecom company Sogetrel in charge of equipping these Saemes car parks, is also converting the some 200 former self-service car stations Autolib’ of the Bolloré group, whose services were suddenly stopped in 2018 due to a financial failure . The contract, which has a term of 10 years, represents approximately 15 million euros.

Target 8400 terminals in 2024 in Paris

Just over 2,200 terminals are operational on the road“, or half of the network of the capital, and 10 underground car parks will become fast charging centers, with a power of 50 kW for a full recharge in one hour, explained to AFP Philippe Callejon, director of mobility and new energies France of TotaalEnergies.

The first of these ‘hubs’ will be put into use in April in the parking lot under the town hall. The others will be commissioned in 2025.”It can be seen that the number of subscribers and users is increasing every monthunderlines Philippe Callejon, who has almost 25,000 users since the service launched in early 2021 and more than 70,000 top-ups in March.

To achieve PS Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s goal of ridding the capital of diesel by 2024 and thermal vehicles by 2030,”we need to accelerate the fleet transition and develop the infrastructure for this“This summarizes EELV mobility assistant David Belliard, who aims to reach 8,400 terminals by 2024.

At the same time, TotalEnergies is transforming some of its service stations, such as in La Défense, into electric charging centers “ultra fast“, with a power of 175 kW to obtain”100 km range in 6 minutes“, said Philippe Callejon. About 60 are being studied across France, including three in Paris.

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