Miracle ! French woman found missing at sea three days later

Alexandra Molina lived a real miracle. In Malaysia, this 18-year-old French woman was found safe and sound after being missing at sea for three days.

Alexandra Molina’s loved ones held their breath for three long days† At the age of 18, this Frenchwoman experienced a real miracle. In Malaysia she devoted herself to one of her passions: diving. Together with three other people, they went to admire the seabed of an island group, Pulau Tokong Sanggol, accompanied by a Norwegian guide. After 40 minutes of diving, they all surfaced, but were unable to locate their boat, according to police. Due to the strong current in the area they drifted away† It was the guide who was found first, by a passing boat a considerable distance from where the group disappeared, the day after this magnificent scare.

She was picked up by a search helicopter and taken to the nearby Mersing district, local police officer Cyril Edward Nuing said. After the guide was taken to hospital and rescued, the search intensified. To find the young Frenchwoman, but also a 46-year-old Briton and her son, a 14-year-old Dutchman, helicopters, boats and divers were requisitioned† And when hope dwindled, they were successful! This Saturday, April 9, indeed, three days after disappearing in Malaysian waters, the Briton and Alexandra Molina were found. “They survived and are in the hospital in stable condition.”said a police officer, according to AFP.

The 14-year-old did not survive

The two athletes were found in Johor state (in the south of the country), far from where they initially started their dive, before being taken to hospital. The 14-year-old, also found, could not be rescued because “too weak”according to his father. Police also say the captain of the boat that took them to the diving area was arrested after testing positive for drugs† Diving accidents are rare in Malaysia. In 2013, a British diver died after being injured by a boat motor while diving near islands in the South China Sea.

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