this amazing and incredible measure that the management has taken for its customers

Of course, the discount giant’s regular customers will not be happy! It should be noted, however, that this measure mainly concerns Lidl stores in Lyon for the time being. Indeed, the leaders of the German brand have posted a message that is sure to make people shudder. We tell you everything

A curious message addressed to customers

Lidl stores in Lyon cross currently in a crisis. And the least we can say is that its consequences won’t necessarily please everyone. Very simple, because some customers could very well change the shopping list.

As a reminder, the situation dates back to a few days ago. The brand’s most loyal consumers could only have noticed. A sheet with a letter is displayed in all the stores of the group in the city of Lyon

” We meet currently having problems supply on some of our products. In order to satisfy all our customers, we kindly ask you to limit your purchases.

Twitter screenshot

What exactly happened? Could the company be in decline? Is there a global shortage? None of this, because the situation is very easy to explain. In reality, these are just the first effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

To deal with this, Lidl invites its customers to limit their purchases to specific products. Note that this is not yet a real shortage, but rather a “rationing” or a “limit” if you will.

Which products are affected?

For the time being, this limit does not apply does not concern the whole food products sold by Lidl. This mainly concerns bottles of sunflower oil. In order to avoid a possible shortage, the management of the German company considered it necessary to allocate a purchase limit to its customers.

This is confirmed by the media Actu Lyon: consumers are only allowed to bring 4 bottles of 0.75 l if they buy organic sunflower oil. And when it comes to a 1 liter bottle of sunflower oil and mixtures of different oils, including canola oil, they can’t hold more than 3 bottles.

However, in a press release from Lidl, Actu Lyon nuances that this is not an obligation in the strict sense of the word. Rather, it would be a recommendation, an invitation. A security measure that aims to limit the consequences of a shortage.

Indeed, we must not forget that Russia and Ukraine together are still responsible for about 75% of the world’s sunflower oil. In the long run, this war can only lead to a deficit that will affect Lyon and all of France.

Is the worst yet to come?

The war in Ukraine broke out towards the end of February 2022. Since then, the media around the world has not talked about it. If the price of fuel and energy rose in the first weeks that followed, the real effects in the food sector are yet to be seen.

That is why Lidl has taken the lead in limiting the over-buying phenomenon. In this way, the retail chain helps to reduce panic, because the products are distributed evenly. It starts now. There is certainly no shortage in April, the year-end races would be tough if the war continues…

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