Final Fantasy 9: The Remake Probably Made By Kingdom Hearts 4?

Game news Final Fantasy 9: The Remake Probably Made By Kingdom Hearts 4?

Is it the tree that hides the forest? With the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV yesterday, Square Enix has once again given more depth to rumors related to the GeForce Now catalog leak. And with this announcement, all eyes are on Final Fantasy IX.


  • Kingdom Hearts IV Announced
  • The proven Nvidia leak?

Kingdom Hearts IV Announced

It’s probably the announcement to remember from the weekend in the video game world: this Sunday, Square Enix unveiled Kingdom Hearts IV through the publication of a first trailer. No release date or platform has been announced and this fourth installment, although it opens a new narrative arc already mentioned Lost Marten Arcdoesn’t seem planned in the next few weeks† However, this formalization of Kingdom Hearts IV makes a leak that arrived in 2021 even more interesting.

Last September, the service of cloud gaming of Nvidia GeForce Now has been the subject of a data mining colossally directed by Ighor July. This programmer noticed that Nvidia had changed the way it works in recent months and had access to a list of: over 18,000 games and programs† A list that testifies to publisher tests on known but sometimes unannounced games and does not guarantee the release of the games mentioned.

Kingdom Hearts IV Trailer

The proven Nvidia leak?

Final Fantasy 9: The Remake Probably Made By Kingdom Hearts 4?

Final Fantasy IX

However, it’s interesting to note that the Square Enix games in this list have almost all become reality: the port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC was released in December, Chrono Cross Remaster was announced in a Nintendo Direct on February 10, Final Fantasy XVI revealed in 2020 during the special PS5 PlayStation Showcase† Today it is therefore Kingdom Hearts IV that has been formalized and that is good Kingdom Hearts Missing Link that the “Unannounced Square Enix Title” spotted in the database. Once these titles are eliminated, two more will be present: they are Final Fantasy IX Remake and Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster. If we can only speculate about these titles and wait for confirmation or a confirmation from the publisher, Certain Square Enix promotions will be worth watching: on March 31, the Japanese publisher made a trademark registration for the name ”Tactics Ogre: Reborn”† A franchise born in 1995 in Japan, which made the heyday of turn-based gaming and whose name was also present in the information of the September 2021 leak.

Again, it’s going to be a matter of taking a big bite out of these rumours, especially since Square Enix has a lot of projects in the works: Forspoken coming out in October, Final Fantasy XVI should be discussed in the coming weeks, while news about Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part 2 is also awaited by players.

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