Twitter: Elon Musk arrives at the controls and wants to add an important feature

News hardware Twitter: Elon Musk arrives at the controls and wants to add an important feature

This is the sequel to a real soap that we follow. We love getting into Elon Musk’s troll game on Twitter, but he took a meta-turn by officially taking his place on Twitter’s board of directors.

elon musk on twitter board

It all started a few days ago when Elon launched a poll on free speech, asking if it was being properly applied to the platform. A majority reacts negatively and the idea of ​​creating a new platform quickly evaporates.

We have every right to doubt the relevance of these types of methods, but a second tweet mentioning the first suggests Elon is confirming his community’s words.

Yesterday we learned that the Tesla boss had already made his market on Twitter on March 14th
by buying 9.2% of the company’s shares, for several billion dollars. By becoming the number one shareholder, he had only one step left before he could establish his position on the social network.

Sit down, he’ll be around the table of the decision-making council from now on. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and founder Jack Dorsey both praised the billionaire’s addition to the management team. Difficult to make official.

Will there be an edit button added soon?

After Twitter’s April 1 poll, it’s up to Elon Musk to ask the community if they can use an “edit” button to edit a tweet after it’s been posted. With Elon’s new status, it doesn’t seem like a joke.

The community is determined and three quarters are in favor of adding this feature. I’m not sure a poll is enough for such a decision, but with Elon arguing for democracy in his previous posts, it’s still possible.

This tool can get insulting, where a person can tweet and wait for people to respond in an attempt to edit their content to distort previous comments. To solve this problem, Twitter can give the tweet author a few minutes to change the content or even keep the original text.

It can be quite confusing to see serious discussions between two memes, but that’s how it works with Mr. musk.

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