Warning of danger, do not consume these products, they are chocolate cakes

As a leader in the food market, Lidl always strives to offer us the best products. It is also one of the mottos of the German brand to offer us quality at a low price. And if the team makes a strict selection on what it is? present in the store, sometimes certain items are not as healthy as you might think. This reminder that the brand has just launched all over France should catch your eye too!

Lidl recalls children’s cupcakes

If you regularly do your shopping at Lidl, there is a good chance that you have ingested this product that is on recall. a common practice that the German brand is active when these items are suspected “dangerous to your health”† This is also why we often remind you to check your food labels carefully before purchasing. In any case, for this time it is a party of cupcakes intended for children that has the brand in mind

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In its recall, Lidl mentions especially the “Mini Chocolate Cookies”† From the Sondey brand, the latter is one of the items that the brand offers on the shelves in large quantities. And this, everywhere in France. These include lots 046G210 / 046G211/046G212 that you may have found in stores between February 16 and March 23. If you have it in your basket or at home, know that it is not very suitable for your child.

An overload of additive in question!

The causes of product recalls at Lidl can be very numerous. When we often talk about preservatives, it’s an additive problem that the Hard Discounter reported this time. Indeed, the little cakes for children of which it is question would present here too much sodium diphosphate† Also known as E450, it is used in many industrial products. It is therefore not really dangerous to health unless consumed in very large quantities.

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As indicated by the health authorities and Lidl, this additive would be the . to be cause of certain digestive disorders in sensitive people† And of course this also includes children who often have a rather vulnerable system. Therefore, you should be careful when feeding these types of products. Especially since in this product the additive by far exceeds the allowable amount.

What to do if you have this Lidl product?

Concerned about the well-being of its customers, Lidl is therefore calling for a recall of this dangerous product for health. The brand agrees to take them back in the various stores on French territory where it has been put up for sale. On presentation of your ticket or not depending on the instructions, it is possible to reimburse this purchase.

Have you ever consumed the product in question? Ideally, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. This will determine whether the product has had an impact on your health or that of your children.

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