“We are ready” for a trial, his lawyer responds after issuing an international arrest warrant

According to master Jean Tamalet, who defends the former boss of the Renault-Nissan alliance, his client is willing to pay back “battle by blow” in the context of the lawsuits concerning him.

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‘It’s never fun to be targeted’ by an international arrest warrant, responded to franceinfo on Friday, April 22, the lawyer of Carlos Ghosn, Jean Tamalet, after the issuance of an international arrest warrant by the French judiciary against his client, in the context of an investigation into the misuse of business assets, money laundering and corruption . He acknowledges that it is “a measure that damages reputation” but ensures that “that it will likely be misinterpreted by much of the public”

Indeed, according to Jean Tamalet, “there is absolutely nothing new” on the suspicions of asset misuse, money laundering and corruption that are the subject of the former boss of the Renault Nissan alliance, who currently lives in Lebanon. “We are in an arrest warrant, a technical mechanism to refer the file to the criminal court, where my client can defend himself. That does not mean that France will ask for the concrete arrest or extradition of Carlos Ghosn.”

“We are ready and will fight back” in the event of a trial, Master Tamalet warns. “Carlos Ghosn is combative and does not want to be fired. He wants us to fight in court and respond point by point to the allegations that are completely untrue for some. There are allegations that are very evasive and have been passed on to the French authorities by the Japanese authorities, who themselves received them from ghosts and Nissan lawyers based on interpretations based on elements stolen in Beirut.

Jean Tamalet therefore promises “some answers” in an upcoming lawsuit “as there is clearly a desire from Nanterre to hold a trial”† On the other hand, he regrets the way he and his client Carlos Ghosn heard the news. “The least of elegance would have been to notify us attorneys or at least notify key stakeholders instead of announcing it in the Wall Street Journal. It could be fashion, communications, or consulting. “

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