A nice operation for Sochaux; Ajaccio and Paris FC lose ground / Ligue 2 / J35 / Summary /

Tightest margin winner at Pau, Sochaux put in a fine operation in the race for the climb. At the same time, Ajaccio was restrained at Valenciennes, while Paris FC returned empty-handed from their trip to Bastia. On the maintenance side, Rodez is at his worst, while Dunkerque still wants to believe it. Finally a completely crazy match between Dijon and Guingamp.

Valencia 0-0 Ajaccio

A closed double round match in the Hainaut Stadium. Ajaccio is thus missing the opportunity to take a big step closer to Ligue 1, blamed on too great difficulties on the offensive front. VA could have even hoped for better in the second half, but if it is difficult up front, everything is fine behind for the ACA, who return to Corsica with a point. Auxerre could be expanded again on Saturday.

Bastia 2-1 Paris FC

Goals: Guidi (15 .)and and 45and+1) for the SCB // Name (81and) for the PFC

Second a few weeks ago, Paris FC loses a lot at the end of the season. The Parisians dominated to Corsica. Armand-Cesari who believes in the opening of the score from the first minutes by Palun, but a foul is called on Demarconnay. It doesn’t matter, as Guidi then jumps higher than everyone else on a corner to open the score, before using a doorman’s canvas to double the lead just before half time. Despite four substitutions at halftime, Paris FC struggled to reverse the trend. With success after a corner, Name finally brought the score back, but it was too late. Despite an end to the game to push, Thierry Laurey’s formation isn’t taking off, having won just twice in the past seven days and dropping to fifth position.

Pau 0-1 Sochaux

Goal: Kalulu (13and

Paris FC bowed and it was Sochaux who took advantage. In excellent form, the Cubs headed to Pau at Nouste Camp, thanks to Kalulu’s quick opener with a cross. The visitors then dominated the debates and deserved to return to the locker room with a bigger advantage. Despite a big situation for El Melali, the Palois will not return and let the Doubistes perform the great operation of the evening at the top of the standings.

Dijon 3-3 Guingamp

Goals: Scheidler (2 .)and) and Dobre (27and and 45and+2) for the DFCO // Sivis (54and), M’Changama (80andSP) and Muyumba (90and+1) for Forward

Angry ! Barely a minute to witness the first goal and then… a totally insane scenario. And Avant Guingamp wasn’t really in the game for 45 minutes, allowing Dijon to take a comfortable lead. Thanks to a favorable counter, it was Scheidler who started the hostilities at close quarters, before letting the young Dobre do the show. The Romanian first doubles the bet with an uncrossed header from a corner, before scoring a brilliant volley from the edge of the area. Maxime Sivis, however, brought the Bretons back to life shortly after resumption, before M’Changama made Dijon tremble from the penalty spot. And it was ultimately Muyumba who took the point of the draw for Guingamp at the start of extra time with a clear shot.

Dunkirk 0-0 Amiens

End of series for Dunkirk. The Northerners have been beaten in their last six games and have finally taken a point, even if this scoreless draw against Amiens is a long way from their business in the race to keep. Deprived of their captain Tchokounté, who came out quickly through injury, the Dunkirks were unable to cope, like Majouga at the start of the second half. Romain Revelli’s tire is three points behind Rodez.

Nmes 3-2 Rodez

Goals: Kone (18 .)and) and Omarsson (36and and 90and+3) for Crocos // Danger (52and) and Celestine (55and) for the RAF

Four and a half months. Deprived of victory since December 3rd and a game against…Nîmes, Rodez is having a hard time. These are the Ruthenians 18to be, despite a good reaction in the second half. Koné first opened the scoring for the Crocos from close range on a nice throw from Omarsson’s chest, before the Icelander acrobatically doubled the bet and got a cross from Sadzoute after a beautiful big bridge. After the break, Rodez will return in three minutes. Danger brought the score back after a fine technical sequence in the area, before Célestine equalized from close range. With a double in the closing seconds, Omarsson finally condemns the Aveyronnais to descend into the red zone.

Le Havre 0-1 Grenoble

Goal: Bamba (72and

On the Le Havre side, it is the unsustainable Grenoble that has kept its excellent dynamism to get closer to maintenance. However, Abline hit the post shortly before half time hacmen quite predominant. And when Paul Le Guen’s men think they’ve found the fault, Cornette is flagged for offside. And it’s finally Bamba who takes the opportunity to give the Isérois a precious success through the small net of Fofana at the entrance to be found in the area.

Nancy 0-3 Quevilly-Rouen Métropole: Match abandoned

Goals: Lambese, Sabaly and Nazon for QRM

Finally the last game of the evening between Nancy and Quevilly-Rouen Métropole didn’t finish after Lorraine supporters threw smoke bombs on the lawn after 40 minutes† The ASNL then led 3-0 and raced towards the National.

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