Which professions will recruit the most in France this year?

“This is the year of all records”, announces Stéphane Ducatez, director of studies and implementation of job center† According to the survey Labor requirement 2022 * Published Tuesday, companies’ hiring intentions have never been stronger. “This is the first time that we exceed the three million recruitment project (+ 12% compared to 2021)”, he continues. One in three companies plan to hire people this year, compared to one in four in 2021.

“We are in a very strong dynamic, linked to the reopening of the economy after the health restrictions,” he explains. A downside to this enthusiasm: the research was conducted before the war in Ukraine, it does not take into account a possible slowdown in the labor market in the coming months. But for now, the indicators do not point to a deterioration: “If we look at the offers submitted to Pôle emploi in March 2022, we still note a record number,” notes Stéphane Ducatez. Job quality is also improving as 71% of hiring projects are long term jobs (CDD over 6 months or CDI). And the share of permanent contracts has increased by 20% compared to 2021. As always, SMEs are the largest providers, as 70% of recruitment projects come from companies with fewer than 50 employees.

And the professions that recruit the most are…

The leading sectors remain services, trade, industry, construction, hospitality and agriculture. And 20 professions seem most promising in 2022. These include those in the hospitality industry (waiter, cook, kitchen or hotel employee, etc.), seasonal functions in agriculture (winegrower, arborist, picker, etc.), care professions (caregiver , domestic help, nurse, etc.), business services (maintenance worker, unskilled packer, handler, etc.), construction industry (roofer, plumber, carpenter, boilermaker, welder, painter) and those in sales (self-service worker, seller, etc.).

And for those looking to relocate after the incarceration experience, the geography of the most dynamic regions in recruiting is interesting. Ile-de-France, the south, Brittany and the Grand-Est are in the lead.

Not sure if supply meets demand

That beautiful outlook can, however, be thwarted by the complex realities of the labor market. Because if in an ideal world every position offered should suit a job seeker, that is not always the case. Pôle emploi is already anticipating increasing recruitment problems this year, which could affect 57.9% of recruitment projects (compared to 44.9% in 2021), especially for SMEs.

“In small companies, it is often the boss who recruits, in the absence of an HR department. However, he doesn’t always have the time for that. There is also sometimes a problem with the relevance of job applications, a lack of image of the profession or working conditions that are considered difficult,” notes Stéphane Ducatez. And in times of economic recovery, many companies recruit at the same time, which creates tensions. The most difficult occupations to fill are those of construction and care.

Solutions to create happy professional encounters

To try to remedy this situation, companies turn to the Pôle-emploi or recruitment agencies. “When an employer is plagued by a shortage of candidates, we resort to the recruitment by simulation which makes it possible to broaden the pool by identifying job seekers who have the capacity to hold a position even if they do not have the diploma or ad hoc experience,” explains Catherine Poux, director of business services at the employment office.

Another option: training job seekers in shortage occupations. Last year, Pôle emploi financed 76,000 such training courses, and so do the regional councils. The Center of Excellence for Culinary Professions thus welcomes new students every year: “These are job seekers or adults in retraining who are discovering a new and exciting profession,” explains Xavier Geoffroy, the general manager.

Immerse yourself in a company to get to know it better

To solve the problem of the bad image of certain professions, Pôle emploi offers job seekers periods of immersion in the company. Camaïeu lent himself to this exercise: “We have already opened our stores to 17 people for one or two weeks. This is plenty of time to determine if the salesperson job will appeal to them,” said Audrey Gaspard Kponton, recruitment manager for the brand.

Some establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, also work on their side to improve their attractiveness. For example, a new salary scale was proposed last December. An important element for future applicants.

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