A witness to the death of Federico Martin Aramburu talks about the murder of the former rugby player

On March 19, Federico Martin Aramburu was shot dead in the middle of Paris after a heated argument in a bar. The Argentine and his friend Shaun Hegarty are attacked by two individuals. One of them was reportedly identified as Loïk Le Priol, a 27-year-old far-right member known to police: “This morning I sleep. Despite the double glazing I am woken up by yelling, insults“, says a witness to the scene to The team† †My first instinct is to go and have a look. It is about 5:55 a.m., which is confirmed by CCTV footage. The climax of the fight is hard to describe but I hear a man, whom I identify today as Loïk Le Priol (the suspected perpetrator of the murder), yelling, but really yelling, insults and always in the direction of one and the same person.

The resident is mainly characterized by the violence of the confrontation: “Aramburu falls to the ground for a very short time. The intervention of the guys from the bar downstairs is immediate. For a few seconds, everyone taps everyone. I’ve seen fights before, but what’s surreal is the determination of one of the guys (…) I saw Aramburu on the ground and I remember thinking he was damn well on his way. He stands up. He’s just screwed and he’s not even trying to hit back.The witness adds that according to him, the aggressors attacked Ferederico Martin Aramburu because of Shaun Hegarty”scared them too much with his wardrobe physique

At one point, the two boys (the aggressors) are pushed back into rue de Buci (6th arrondissement).“continues the witness in The team† † There I remember seeing a man holding Le Priol and trying to get something out of his pocket several times! I wanted to scream, I didn’t. I said to myself ‘they will take me for a psychopath’. I said to myself ‘worst case scenario it’s a knife’. Combat, I’ve seen a few, but this is weird, it’s the first time I felt like it could go on. He looked so determined. No one seemed to be able to calm him down.“The witness thinks about the altercation, closes his window and goes back to bed. Federico Martin Aramburu and Shaun Hegarty, who both have swollen faces, try to reach a hotel for their part to ask for ice cubes:”I close the window when the fight is over, it seems like everyone is going home. The waiters are clearing the bar. (…) I’m going back to bed. I look at my phone. I close my eyes, I don’t even have time to do this (he mimics the gesture of wrapping himself in his duvet) that there are six shots. I hear six, very close.Federico Martin Aramburu has just been fatally shot and will succumb to his injuries. The suspected murderer, Loïk Le Priol, has since been arrested in Hungary when he wanted to go to Ukraine. Upon his return to France, this former military member of the GUD (Union Defense Group) was charged with murder and weapons possession and placed in pre-trial detention.


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