Adrien Rabiot and Juventus are raging!

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The old lady has lost everything. Juventus lost 1-0 in a crucial game against Inter Milan last night. Despite a good game, certainly one of the best of the season, the Bianconeri were defeated and bid their farewell to the Serie A title. With 59 points on the counter, they are four points behind Inter, third by 63 points and one game behind, and seven behind AC Milan and Napoli. After the meeting, Juve resigned, but also recovered. She was also during the match where she kind of lost her mind.

Rabiot tackles the referee

Everything is linked to a fact of the match. After a first penalty was called, pushed back and then removed for entering the penalty area too early, Çalhanoglu saved the shot on his second attempt. All in a boiling atmosphere as the referee called on video assistance several times. A situation that sent Massimiliano Allegri into a black rage.Allegri explodes on penalty kick back: his jacket flies off!wrote the Gazzetta dello Sport† Furious according to the Italian media, the Italian technician calmed down after the meeting, he who does not like to talk about the referees.

“Let’s avoid saying things that aren’t so necessary right now, let’s talk about performance. We created a lot, shot on goal and this defeat is a real shame.† His player Adrien Rabiot did the dirty work for him. On his social networks, the Frenchman, author of a good performance, shot the referee dead. “Excellent game, congratulations everyone! Too bad for the result, but difficult to play 11 against 12″, He wrote. A bitter defeat for Juventus, which therefore allowed the Scudetto to escape from the UEFA Champions League a few days after elimination.

Juventus prepare for the future

“Now we can say that we are definitely out of the race for the title. We must try to earn as many points as possible to keep the 4th place and prepare for next season, with the ambition to be able to win the championship. For me Inter remains the favourite, just look at their calendar, which is easier than that of Napoli and AC Milan.† Juve, still competing in the Italian Cup, will have to forget this new failure and prepare for the future. Without Paulo Dybala in particular, the Old Lady is already working on the subject, as Allegri admitted.

“At the end of the season, as always, we will have to meet the club and talk about the team of the future. But we have time. In any case, we do have some regrets about this year, especially against Villarreal.† The Italian technician returned last summer to relaunch the Turin machine he knows so well. The Old Lady will have to undergo a major facelift this summer 2022 to get a facelift and once again become the team that dominated Italy head and shoulders.

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