Alonso not really willing to make way for Piastri in 2023

This weekend, in Alpine, there is only Oscar Piastri. Indeed, the reigning Formula 2 champion has been highlighted by Alpine’s communications teams since the beginning of the week. It must be said that between his birthday celebrated on Wednesday and the fact that he is the local of the stage (he was born in Melbourne), this highlighting of a young man confined to the role of shadow in 2022 sounds like a very nice initiative .

It was also a matter ofOscar Piastric until a press conference this Friday morning in Melbourne. The two owners of the A-arrow brand were invited to talk about their young reserve sidekick and were full of praise for those who successively won the Formula Renault Eurocup (2019), Formula 3 (2020) and Formula 2 (2021). won. โ€œOscar is very talented, greet Fernando Alonsoโ€  He won all the major titles in the promotional formula, which shows his ability. He works hard in the simulator, in the factory and during our meetings. He is still very young, but let’s hope he can get a spot in F1 soon.

Piastri incensed

Words immediately confirmed by Esteban Oconโ€  โ€œOscar is a great guy, remarked the Norman. I was invited to his birthday this week, it was amazing. He is really very involved with the team and then he gets a very extensive testing program. He will certainly be the most prepared reserve driver in history with what Alpine has come up with for him! I’m sure he will have the chance to get a seat in F1 soon. Because in the paddock there is always an opportunity for those who deserve it, and Oscar is one of them. He has won every major junior title.

Despite their good words, Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso are, of course, despite themselves, this year’s main cause on the bench for Oscar Piastri. Academy driver since 2020, the Australian was unable to secure a seat this year, as the two holders were still under contract in 2022. the year), the Spaniard’s seat may be a bit more at risk.

Alonso sees himself in F1 for another two or three years

Asked at a press conference about any pressure he would feel regarding Oscar Piastri’s possible tenure on the team in 2023, the Taurus of Asturias made it clear that the time to hand over had not yet come. “I don’t think if I was 25 I wouldn’t get this question”he replied. This is all just age related. For me it’s all about performance. Last year I thought I did well. I also finished just ahead of Esteban. he said with a big smile, turning to his French teammate who was also present at the press conference.

And Alonso continues: โ€œWe’ll see how it all evolves this year, but it’s a matter of performance, not age. I still feel competitive, fast and I still have fun. I can see myself staying another two or three years. If it’s with Alpine that would be great, and if it’s with another team that could be good too. But I’ll start the discussions this summer, we’ll see what happens. Something tells us that Oscar Piastri will be following this closely.

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