Arsenal: Alexandre Lacazette needs a lot

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Last night Arsenal fell to Crystal Palace. A heavy 3-0 defeat that comes at the wrong time for the Gunners in the battle for a spot in the Champions League. After the meeting, Mikel Arteta did not spare his players† And the Spanish technician is not alone. Neither the media nor the fans have been kind to Londoners, especially Alexandre Lacazette.

Holder, the 30-year-old striker, like his team, had a complicated evening. The Arsenal captain, who played 90 minutes, failed to aim. However, he remains an influential and valuable element in the game, but despite that, after the encounter, the Frenchy became the target of the supporters who multiplied the ridicule and attacked him. A fan has asked Arsenal not to play against him again. Others wondered what he was still doing with the Gunners.

The press is not tender

For its part, the British press was not kind to the international tricolor. Football London gave it a rating of 5 with the following comment: “At no point did the ball get stuck at the foot of the Frenchman who missed his only big chance of the game with a header over the bar. Lacazette’s classic troubles were clear and Arsenal’s inability to change anything proves they took a risk in not replacing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang during the winter transfer window in January.

the London Evening Standard got harder. “He had nothing to put under his feet and epitomized Arsenal’s blunt attack. He settled for crumbs throughout the game.”wrote the English publication giving it a 4. Same comment for The sun‘Where was the attack? Where was the tip? Yes, he needed help, but he wasn’t exactly a dynamic leader. His finishing has been subpar this season and in the absence of Aubameyang it is not good enough for a club of Arsenal’s standing.

A long scarcity

Despite 8 assists this season, Lacazette found the net only 6 times in 30 games in all competitions. But half, or 3, were penalties. His last two achievements have been as well, as he converted a penalty against Norwich on December 26 and another against Leicester on March 13. The OL trained player has not scored for 1278 minutes. It was December 11 against Southampton (3-0, 16th matchday). Since then nothing but the two penalties.

An incredible scarcity for Alexandre Lacazette, whose future is also at stake. At the end of the contract, the striker, who was recently linked to Barca, must decide. Recently, Mikel Arteta entrusted this topic: “We don’t know what will happen at the end of the season. What he has to do is put that future aside. We can only say congratulations to him because every day he acts like someone who wants to join us to stay.† The player born in 91 still has a few weeks to think about it, he who mainly wants to lead Arsenal to the Champions League. For this, finding a great Lacazette is essential.

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