ASM Clermont: bad news for Kotaro Matsushima

After a rather violent shoulder-to-shoulder collision with Tommy Reffel in the third row, Kotaro Matsushima was injured with his right arm in a sling. After the conversation, the staff feared a relatively serious shoulder injury.

The first exams passed on Monday do not inspire optimism. The Japanese guard is said to suffer from a fairly high degree acromioclavicular dislocation in his right shoulder (there are four degrees in all).

Possible surgery

If Kotaro Matsushima is at least grade 3 or 4, surgery may be indicated† Either way, de Clermontois should be off the field for several weeks.

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Champions Cup: The best moments of the 8th leg ASM – Leicester to relive in video

Last season, Camille Lopez suffered a similar injury in the Champions Cup quarter-final against Toulouse on April 11, 2021. The opener only returned to competition on the final day of the Top 14, June 5 against La Rochelle. He had not yet had surgery.

Additional examinations are to be conducted on Tuesday to definitively determine the severity of Kotaro Matsushima’s injury.

Lee probably forfeit

Fritz Lee is bleeding after a head-on collision with England center Guy Porter. A tackle without the ball that also gave the Leicester player a red card. The third center line of Clermont has a wound to the temple.

Fritz Lee should be out of the trip to Leicester. ASM’s infirmary is filling up week after week.

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