Foot OL – Lyon fire 1,000 supporters from Groupama Stadium – Olympique Lyonnais

Faced with the enormous enthusiasm of English fans for the second leg of the Europa League between OL and West Ham, Lyon decided to be unyielding and the first measures fell.

West Ham supporters are not known for being the easiest to deal with, and while the move from Upton Park to London’s Olympic Stadium took the pressure off, the facts are there. In other words, the arrival of several thousand fans of the English club in Lyon for the quarter-finals of the Europa League, Thursday evening at the Groupama Stadium, forced the authorities to take very strict measures, even though the trip was not banned. They will therefore officially travel with 2,800 between the English capital and the capital of Gaul for this C3 meeting, a journey under strict supervision. But on the side of Jean-Michel Aulas’ club, we discovered that some clever little ones were taking advantage of the online sale of tickets to add to this English contingent, which will have a well-secured parking space at the Décines stadium. After a very close check on the origin of the purchases and to prevent West Ham fans from spreading around the Groupama stadium,Olympic Lyonnais has already canceled nearly 1,000 tickets, the ticket office manager confirms.

Lyon will do everything it can to avoid English fans in the middle of the stands

And if some have managed to slip through the cracks of OL, they will have to show absolute discretion, as everything is done to strike hard and fast in case of trouble. † We have worked with state services to have the most suitable device for this competition. English off-duty supporters will be handed over to the police in the event of non-compliance. We are also fortunate to have a stadium and a field where nothing escapes our surveillance cameras. We will strictly enforce this same prefecture decree “warns Xavier Pierrot in Le Progrès, aware that in the event of the slightest derailment, it will be Olympique Lyonnais that will be singled out and risk a sanction.

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