Foot OM – 90 million for OM, 200 million for PSG, Marseille is surprised

Thanks to the creation of a commercial subsidiary in which it will sell 13% of its capital to an investment fund, the LFP will redistribute millions of euros to Ligue 1 clubs. While PSG will earn 200 million, OM will receive 90 million and Marseille will surprise.

We only lend to the rich, and the principle of the agreement signed between the Professional Football League and CVC goes in that direction, as it is the biggest clubs in our championship that will carry most of the pie. And we even know the breakdown between the teams, as Paris Saint-Germain gets a check for 200 million euros, compared to 90 million euros for theTO and OL 80 million euros for Lille, Rennes, Monaco and Nice, while the other teams get 33 million euros. Even if we know that CVC had made PSG’s presence in this deal a sine qua non for an agreement, on the side of Marseille, we are surprised by such a difference in favor of the capital’s club, whose financial power is already colossal. But the investor is not the type to spend that much money without having studied all aspects of this 1.5 billion euro contract and everything is explained as specified by Vincent Chaudel, specialist in sports affairs. , on the Phocéen website.

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According to the head of the Sport Business Observatory, CVC took into account the global weight of clubs and not just the Franco-French impact. † We had to strike the right balance between the “value” of each club and the fairness to be maintained in Ligue 1. I take the community of clubs on social networks as an indicator. The total for Ligue 1 is 175 million fans worldwide, all networks together. PSG represents 70%. If we wanted to mirror the weight of each club, Paris would have had much more than its 200 million. We therefore recognize PSG’s status as an economic locomotive. OM has 12 million fans. That is almost 7 to 8%: this corresponds to this 90 million euros. This defines an area of ​​influence for the club’s brand. If OM discusses a contract with Puma for 14 million euros per year, OM has 12 million fans. When PSG talks to Nike about 80, PSG has 80 million fans. It’s not an automatic rule, but it determines the image of a club today. OM should have 30 or 40 million fans explains Vincent Chaudel, just to show where Pablo Longoria has to work to take Olympique de Marseille to a new level.

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