The momentum of the Cac 40 broken at the end of the session by Wall Street and the rise in oil, Market News

At the end of an erratic week, the Paris Stock Exchange struggled with the war in Ukrainethe rise in commodity prices and the consequences of western sanctions against Russia, tried to earn a few points… In vain. Carried away by the fall of Wall Street, the index Bedroom 40 ended Friday’s session with a token 0.03% to 6,553.68 points, bringing the five-day contraction to 1.01%. At the very end of the day, the courses of the oil- suddenly began to rise again, the course of Brent flirt with $120. According to press releases a Saudi Aramco storage facility was reportedly the target of an attack in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Thursday diplomatic ballet (triple meeting of the G7NATO and the European Council) resulted in new announcements against Russia from Vladimir Poutine, without European leaders agreeing on an embargo on Russian hydrocarbons. However, Washington and Brussels signed an agreement this morning on additional US supplies of liquefied natural gas to Europe.

Low morale

On the sanctions side, the retaliatory measures have mainly targeted members of the State Duma (Russian Parliament), oligarchs and some 40 companies in the defense sector. Member States of the G7 and the European Union will also sanction gold transactions with Russia, which has the world’s fifth-largest stock of yellow metal. † We want to close every possibility for Russia to use its gold to support its currency “, the ruble, a senior US official explained.

The market did not react to the announcement, early afternoon, by the Interfax agency, according to which Russia said: focus on the complete “liberation” of Donbassindicating that it was one of the launch options of their “special operation”, the other being the conquest of all of Ukraine.

Tense, the geopolitical context is reflected in economic statistics. In Germany, the business climate deteriorated in March: the index calculated by the Ifo Institute fell by 7.7 points to 90.8. The expectation component fell to 85.5 and experienced the largest monthly decline in its history. The situation is identical to: United Stateswhere the index measuring consumer confidence fell in March and returned to its lowest level since August 2011. Everyone fears inflation will spiral out of control.

The defense sector was looking for

On the business side, Dassault Aviation won 3.54% after a new order for six Rafale aircraft by Greece, bringing the number of aircraft of the French group used by the country’s air force to 24. on his side, Thales (+1.95%) announced the firm order, and an optional, again by Greece, of three Naval Group defense and intervention frigatesin which the group owns 35%.


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