Foot OM – OM-PAOK incidents: Police corner supporters in their hotel

The night was restless in Marseille between Wednesday and Thursday, and authorities feared a very tough OM-PAOK match day.

There have been scenes of fights between supporters, especially around the hotel where PAOK Saloniki supporters live, which are considered one of the most dangerous in Europe. Settlement takes place in various places in the city, mainly with material breakage, but the supporters of the two camps do not stop making agreements or watching each other to have a “fight” that will put the fire in the Provençal city threatens to go extinct.

The evening is getting hot

There were a few minor skirmishes that were immediately channeled by the Marseille police. Currently the supporters are in their hotel and the police are guarding this hotel. And then we will also have to look at the groups of supporters that gradually arrive in the city to supposedly be present a football game and supposedly have a good evening Rudy Manna, department head of a police union in Marseille, explained at the microphone of BFM Marseille.

Since Wednesday, the city and the authorities have been on alert, in particular because of the landing of a group of 200 PAOK “supporters” who have not respected the plans between the two clubs to monitor fans in view of the match. Major damage has already been done at the hotel they have converted into a fully entrenched camp, and where police attempted to enter several times on Wednesday night. It was ultimately the opposite decision that was made and the CRS decided to lock up the supporters in their hotel near the Porte d’Aix just to keep them under control until the game. In any case, authorities fear flooding in the city this Thursday, before and after the game, with the risk that the Velodrome will again be the scene of incidents, as was the case against Galatasaray in particular. Indeed, 2,000 Greek supporters are expected in Marseille this Thursday for the Conference League game.

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