Foot PSG – Sergio Ramos, his resounding request doesn’t make PSG laugh

Legendary Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos still has a long way to go before he achieves that status at PSG.

The Spaniard arrived this summer with a huge deserved reputation and above all a desire to bring his experience to the table to finally enable Paris to break through this glass ceiling that is a Champions League victory. However he ends the season, it is already going to be a resounding failure. The former Real Madrid player has hardly played with the all season PSG, and he couldn’t be the main element in a double showdown against his former club, where he could have been crucial. Despite this, the 2010 world champion is among the club’s top earners and has a contract that runs until June 2023.

A real nightmare for Leonardo, who will have to take on this recruitment this summer, or get rid of it discreetly. It even seemed like a profession in itself to try to limit the break, but Sergio Ramos clearly doesn’t see it that way. In an interview with Amazon Prime and one of his advisers, Ludovic Giuly, the PSG centre-back, very discreetly in the media surprised everyone. Including the Paris supporters, and probably also the management of Paris SG. Indeed, the Spaniard does not have a second to leave Paris, and is even planning to extend his contract for another season, who sees himself playing at the highest level for another 4 or 5 years.

Confidence in Ludovic Giuly

I would like to play at a high level for another four to five years and then gain some experience again. Here, I have two years in Paris, we’ll try to do three, one more, and then we’ll see. But as long as the physical holds up I think I can keep my mind focused “Explained the 36-year-old player, who will shock Paris SG. Especially if we are talking about a physique that lasts, which is not the case at all this season. Nor the previous one, as he barely had the previous exercise at Real Madrid finish, which wouldn’t have stopped Paris SG from imposing the package on him.With seven games played in the Paris jersey this season, Sergio Ramos is in danger of running out of arguments to cancel a contract extension for the time being. is currently making the Paris fans laugh out loud.

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