Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro review: a smart model to monitor the home with HomeKit

The G2H Pro Camera Hub captures images of 1920 x 1080 pixels through a lens with a 146° field of view. Strangely enough, when opening recordings from a notification or albums, you have to settle for a definition of 640 x 360 pixels.

This certainly has the merit of facilitating access to images with a bad connection, but this definition makes it difficult to use and the procedure for restoring them in Full HD is not very practical: you have to go live, check the definition or if need to change find the recording you want in the timeline and finally do a manual recording of the stream to download them. In this way it is also possible to choose 1280 x 720 pixels. Of course, Aqara has also provided infrared vision for night monitoring, but no other setting is offered to improve the image quality, such as an HDR mode.

As with all the cameras we test, we decided to compare the images of the G2H Pro with that of another model and this time we chose Eufy’s 2K Pan & Tilt Camera† It is one of the best indoor cameras in our comparison.

by day

Eufy 2K Pan & Tilt

Aqara G2H Pro

Aqara’s small camera produces decent image quality. The level of detail is certainly not inferior to what the 2K Pan & Tilt camera offers with its 4 megapixel sensor and the finer elements, such as the topography of the terrain on the different pieces of map of our test scene, do not stand out. , but the facial features are well defined. That is not only the case on our portrait column, but also on the figures in the middle. So we can easily spot an intruder. The G2H Pro camera also has the merit of avoiding exposure issues.

In the evening

The G2H Pro’s infrared vision is activated after three seconds in very low light conditions. Eufy’s camera isn’t faster. On the other hand, it offers better image quality. The level of detail drops a notch further with Aqara, the flaw of a very present flattening on the night images. You don’t have to push the analysis far to notice it. Just look at the portraits on the left: some facial features have completely disappeared, especially on fair skin.

Eufy 2K Pan & Tilt

Aqara G2H Pro

Identifying an intruder from the images captured with the G2H Pro camera’s infrared vision can therefore be difficult, especially if they are far away. In our recognition test, we struggled to recognize a face more than 2 meters from the camera. Motion detection is a little more convincing: the activity was detected up to the end of our Lab, ie up to 9m. In comparison, Eufy’s camera had also detected activity up to 9m, but it allowed us to get a face of something further away, at 3 m, to be identified.

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