Football England – Man United: De Gea destroys the dressing room

The more the weeks pass, the less it goes for Manchester United. The top 4 and even Europe moved on to the Red Devils on Saturday after a 1-0 loss against the underrated Everton. A worrying and abnormal defeat for David De Gea.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford this season promised great things for Manchester United fans. Unfortunately, the Portuguese returned in a real ambush, far from the team with which he became European champion in 2008. Mancunian’s season is getting more and more nightmarish. The Red Devils were ingloriously eliminated in the two national cups and left Europe through the back door with a home defeat to Atlético Madrid. A Europe that the club from Mancun will find difficult next season. Seventh in the championship standings, Manchester United are clearly behind in the race for the top 4 and even the Europa League conference will be hard to reach.

A demotivated team, De Gea’s alarming observation

In addition, instead of reclaiming points, Manchester United continue to waste week after week. Such was the case this Saturday afternoon on the lawn of an unsettling Everton team. On the 17th, the Toffees may fear relegation and are the ideal prey to revive any team, but not the Red Devils. The latter lost after a still very tasteless encounter with their host 1-0. An incomprehensible achievement, at least it is the feeling of David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper tried to find explanations for this new debacle.

I don’t know what to say to be honest. We knew for the day that they were having a hard time (Everton) and how hard it was going to be. It’s not the perfect atmosphere opposite. But you see today, they were tired, nervous, they kept fighting, they wanted more. It’s not acceptable ‘, he analyzed after the game at the microphone of BT Sport. He clearly pointed to a distinct lack of motivation within his ranks. Announced candidates for the title at the start of the season and at least declared contenders for the top 4, the Red Devils will have to stick together to qualify in the Europa League or even the Europa League conference. A difficult thing to accept for the band at Ronaldo and perhaps new suffering in sight for Mancunian supporters in the coming weeks.

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