Ukraine: in tears he recognizes his brother’s body among the victims of the Boutcha massacre

After the war crimes committed by the Russians in Boutcha, the bodies of the victims were placed in a mass grave. A week later, the remains were presented to the population for identification.

How not to crack at such a painful moment? Images of the Boutcha massacre, near Kiev, went viral when they were unveiled a week ago. With these corpses of civilians strewn on the ground, they perfectly illustrated the horrors of war. Indescribable with words.

But after surprise, fear, anger and sadness comes the difficult time of identification. The bodies of the civilians, buried on March 10, were presented to the population for identification, so that they are entitled to a dignified burial. Among these men and women, who died for nothing, Vova recognized her 32-year-old brother among twenty corpses presented Friday by the Ukrainian scientific police.

How am I going to tell my mother? How will she bear it? And her 7-year-old daughter?

He trusted our colleagues from BFM TV “They killed him for nothing, he was just walking down the street. But why?” he asks without waiting for an answer. “It’s the fourth, you can close the bag,” he then tells forensics.

The tears of a Ukrainian who discovers the remains of his brother in #bucha in #Ukraine

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Filled with pain, he can no longer stay in front of these bodies lying on the ground and covered with plastic bags. A woman comforts him in tears, but he can’t help thinking out loud, “How am I going to tell my mother? How will she be able to bear it? And her 7-year-old daughter? C she’s just a kid.”

Identify all bodies

However, it will be necessary to get it right, especially since the bodies of the victims that have been placed in a cold store are now entitled to a burial. The prosecutors’ men told our colleagues that there are still about a hundred bodies to be identified, this work could take several more days. It will then be necessary to mend the broken fate. But this time it’s the work of your life.

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