Giovani Lo Celso’s Five Star Masterclass

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    Bayern Munich

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Feeling. Bayern Munich have been unbeaten in the Champions League since the start of the season and fell last night against Villarreal in the first leg of the quarterfinals. Unai Emery’s side won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Arnaut Danjuma, served by Giovani Lo Celso. The latter made a very good copy last night for most of the Estadio de la Ceramica. Holder, the Argentinian was in the right position in midfield.

Crazy stats

And it did not disappoint! The former Paris Saint-Germain player was in the oven and in the grinder, doing a great job defensively against Alphonso Davies. Clean and technically correct, he was invaluable to his team, hurting the Bavarians, creating countless chances and causing mistakes. He also collected many balls (6) and won many duels. Eight in all. Basically an XXL performance by Lo Celso, voted man of the match.

The Spanish press was enthusiastic about his match. SUCH AS speaks of a “huge Lo Celso” against the Bavarian bogeyman before adding: “spectacular performance. Plague of the German defense, lung of the yellow team. His partnership with Foyth was one of the highlights of Villarreal’s success. He made the key pass to Danjuma’s goal.Brand also enjoyed his match and ventured the pun: “an exCelso partido“, translate an excellent match.

He rolled over Bayern Munich

“The Argentinian, a great winter signing in La Liga, takes the MVP title against a Bayern he has dismantled (…) The Argentinian has very strong stats. Recovery, good passing, area of ​​influence. Forty minutes into the game he had not a single pass missed… and in awkward spots on the pitch UEFA awarded him the title of MVP of the match, with all the stars on the pitch it was more than deserved.point out in particular the Iberian publication.

After the encounter, acclaimed international Albiceleste, who was replaced as second striker after the substitutions, preferred to focus on the collective rather than his personal business. “We knew we all had to attack and defend together to get a result, I thank the staff for their confidence. Everything is still open. We have to get there, do the same games as tonight. We know it will be difficult, but anything is possible.† Even more with a great Lo Celso!

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